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The form and structure upon which a resume is built is known as a resume template. Many people utilize a free outline to aid in their process of resume creation. Read on to find out how a template can benefit you.

A model outline can give you direction and focus while you are creating your resume

It can also help you avoid veering into unnecessary detail or subject areas ...

Following a sample can help you create professional resumes for yourself without needing to purchase expensive software.

A lot of job seekers, from graduating seniors to professionals reentering the job market, use a resume-writing template to build their resume.

The chronological resume template is a very popular resume format. I will be concentrating on this style of resume, because it is suitable for many types of jobs.

Where to Find Free Templates

There are many places you can go to obtain free samples. A good resource to use nowadays is the Internet. It has made valuable career help available to people around the world. There are many websites that showcase free examples... including this site!

Use Resume Templates with Caution !

A word of caution about using templates: Sometimes employers may think that this shows a lack of computer skills in a candidate. They should be avoided if you are applying in a technical field.

There is also the danger that your resume may appear to be canned and therefore give employers the wrong impression about you.

Template Formats

Free templates can be delivered in various formats. There are Microsoft Word / Microsoft Work and other templates specific to a word processor. Copying from one processor to another can make drastic changes to the format of the file.

A resume template comes as a blank resume outline that you can fill in with your information

  • A template is simply a completed resume for a specific job type. e.g Accountant
  • Sample outlines are also specific to certain word processors. e.g Microsoft Word XP format
  • The job seeker would download the template and update it with their own details to create their resume

Most free outlines highlight the sections of a resume and look something like this:

Your Name in Bold

Your Contact Information (address, phone number, email)

Job Objective: Highlight your focused career goals here.

Education: College, Degree Earned, GPA

Honors: List any honors

Experience: Company, Dates worked Job responsibilities

Special Skills: Any additional sections (optional)

References: Available on request

I would advise you not to include the section on references as this is not the right time to submit them and it is usually understood that they will be available on request.

Selecting the Best Resume Template

Formats will be different for people in differing situations. Recent college graduates usually give priority placing to the Education section, while experienced professionals prefer to show their Experience section first.

Templates can give you an advantage over your competition. You can avoid common mistakes that other people make when building their resume. You will know what to include and what to leave out.

Best of all, you can find tons of free samples on the Internet!

This way you can save money since you would not have to hire a writing service or purchase resume writing software. It is not often that you change jobs and more job seekers these days prefer to use a professional writing service to get a competitive advantage.

More Ways that Templates can Help

In addition to free outlines, you can find online samples to assist you in creating cover letters, thank you letters, resignation letters and other letters vital to the job search process.

Browse the Internet or visit a local career center to learn more about free resume templates. Collect the types that are related to your career field and professional level and choose the one that fits your needs.

Resume Help That Gets You Interviews Everytime

The phone rings... You remember compiling resumes and submitting them to on-line agencies and job boards.

Your pulse quickens in anticipation as you rush to answer your phone... the feelings of relief.

You have just landed your ideal job!

Do You Want This To Be You?

If you do... then take a look at our valuable resume advice and tips... including numerous samples, formats, templates and cover letter examples.

  • Review Your Career Options ( choices, planning, goals, tests & objectives )
  • Search for Your Ideal Job ( indusry outlook, prospects, search, qualifications )
  • Learn to Write Winning Resumes ( formats, templates, outlines & writing tips )
  • Reviewing interview questions and answers before an interview can be helpful.
  • Browse for Sample Letters ( samples, follow up letter, resignation )
  • Software to Create Your Resume ( software & other on-line resources )
  • Job Interview Techniques ( preparation, tips, questions & answers )

Getting Resume Help... Is a smart Thing to Do!

Resumes open the doors to getting you that ALL important interview...& your one and only chance you get to sell yourself to your prospective employer.

Resumes Are Not All The Same ...

One size doesn't fit all...& each job requires a unique approach with a cover letter tailored exactly to match the needs of your future employer.

See our free sample formats, template examples and cover letters for every situation.

To get the most benefit from this site, we recommend that you take a look at the Site Map to familiarise yourself with all the articles on writing resumes and career advice.

Here are some additional resume resources that may help you with your job search.

Should I Be Writing My Resumes Or Get Help Using A Service ?

You can do either ...& if you are comfortable writing resumes yourself and have enough time to research and prepare your own resumes, then do so, but do not rush into writing resumes without first visiting our career advice section.

On the other hand ...& experience has shown that in most cases your time would be better spent in collating all your relevant career history.

This is where you will find expert advice and information to help you to write a winning resume.

Professional Resume Help

There are many times when you feel qualified for a certain job, but find it hard to convince the others that you are the person they are looking for. Making a resume which can explain to the employer how you are the perfect person for the job can be a difficult and frustrating task.

This is why, when you feel that your resume will not be as convincing as you want it to be, you should look for someone who can give you professional resume help.

Assistance Writing Your Resume

Nowadays, there are many ways in which you can write your resume. Yet, no matter of the style you choose for it, you should make sure it will be informative, easy to read and will bring you out of the crowd. Even though these requirements can seem easy to meet at a first look, when you start to write your resume things may get more difficult.

If you stumble upon any type of problem regarding the writing of your resume, it is highly recommended that you get some help. There are many ways in which you can get help with your resume, but by 'resume help' most people understand assistance when writing your resume.

Resume Writing Strategy

If you want your resume to retain your personal touch, you can ask a professional to help you only with gathering the ideas and organizing the information. This means that they will only provide you with the skeleton of the paper, which you will have to develop using your own words. This strategy works very well when you want a job where personal creativity is highly appreciated.

Complete Resume Help

If, on the contrary, you are not very good at words, you can go for complete resume help. This means that you will only have to provide the personal information and let professionals write a proper resume, suitable for the type of job you are planning to occupy.

Choosing to have your resume made by professional people, whose job is to help you with your resume, is the best way to have a convincing resume, written according to the highest standards and personalized according to your needs.

Specialist Resume Help

When you need a job and know that you have all the qualities it needs to occupy it, but have no talent or do not know how to write a resume which will highlight your potential, you should definitely get resume help. You will have your resume done by specialists in the field, who will put in your job the best skills they possess.

Resume Templates

It is very common for resume templates to be used as a basis for creating your own personal resume. Using a resume template is no guarantee that you will create a winning resume.

Using a resume template is not a short cut or easy way to create your resume ... there are no short cuts and you need to put effort into making your resume reflect your unique personality, talents and experience.

The key to any good resume is thorough preparation and research... only then can you begin to write your resume. Using a template will add the right flow and structure to your resume and will ensure that you don't omit any of basic sections.

If used sensibly and with care, a resume template can help you to create a professional looking resume with a minimal amount of effort.

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