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Career Choices – Vital Information To Help You Make the Right Decision

Career Choices – Vital Information To Help You Make the Right Decision

Making a career change is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your working life.

Think about it… you spend most of your waking life for over 40 years working.

Imagine the effect of having a job that does not give you satisfaction… all those wasted hours that you could of put to better use.

One of life’s greatest crimes is working in job you don’t know as much as possible about your future job before you make your final decision.

You can reduce the chances of making a poor career choice by finding answers to the following questions:

  • Will you find the job interesting and will it provide job satisfaction
  • What are the latest hot jobs
  • Have you seen a job description telling you exactly what is entailed
  • What are the prospects for advancement
  • Do you require any special training or qualifications
  • Is the salary range sufficient to meet your needs
  • What hours are you expected to work
  • Are there any special perks associated with the job
  • How many days vacation are offered
  • Does the job involve any traveling
  • What is the outlook for jobs in this industry

When you have the answers to these questions you will be in a much better position to make an informed career choice. You will also need to be clear about your career objectives before you can start writing your resume and cover letter.

Some of the above questions can only be answered by your prospective employer when you attend an interview.

You can of course use the internet to do your basic research to establish your ideal career choice… time consuming if you are researching a lot of different career options, as there are numerous sites about job search, job boards, job banks and career advice.

There are also many career finders and career guides offering a service to help job seekers find their ideal job.

Career Change Training

Seeking Career Advice Is One Of The Best Things You Can Do To Further Your Career

Choosing a career presents a nerve-racking decision, as it can have a life-long impact on you. Do not fret, as you can gain a clearer outlook into your future by thorough career planning.

Time Management Training

Having a clear vision of the future can guide you by helping you set career goals and helping you on your way towards attaining them.

Don’t Spend Most of Your Life Doing …

Chances are that you will be spending a great deal of time at your job, about 40 hours a week. Career advice and career profiling can guide you to a job that is enjoyable for you and matches your interests.

There are many reasons people change their careers and career advice can help them along the way. Some frequently cited reasons are:

  • Stuck in a dead end job.
  • Lost interest in current line of work.
  • Gained a new interest in a different career option.

A Job For Life … Not Anymore

Find out how to position yourself to accommodate / progress your career in times of increased job rotation as well as keeping that job during times of economic downturn …Good career advice for unemployed persons would be to consider a career change. Some of the fastest growing occupations are Medical Assistant, Network Systems Analyst, Physician Assistant, etc. Occupations that are struggling to gain workers can be a suitable option for currently unemployed individuals.

People often back off from changing careers if they are unsure of the effort it might take to start a new career and learn a new trade. If you are one of these people, career advice from professionals can help you make a knowledgeable decision.

How To Identify Your Career Choices

When choosing a new career field, career advice and career planning can help you figure out your career choices.

When embarking on a new career, you need to take into account your previous education and work experience. You should start thinking about the skills you currently possess and how they can be beneficial in each of the new career options available to you.

Have You Considered a Career Test?

Valuable career advice can come from career tests as they can help in identifying suitable job options.

Career tests include tests such as personality profiling, leadership skills, motivation, management style, etc. The results of such tests can give you the career advice that can direct you to a suitable career, by matching your interests with career options.

Many career tests are offered online. They may be free or available for a small fee.

Many experts provide the career advice to employment seekers to take some time to plan their career and set their goals. Knowing your career goals can provide you with valuable guidance.

Remember that career planning and goal setting is an on-going process, changing as you continue on your career.

The web can be a great source to find valuable career advice. It can provide you with many resources to research new career choices and find out information on a particular career field such as average salary, work environment, job responsibilities, etc.

Visit this site (free) to locate the market salaries for the careers you are looking into. While pay rate is usually not the only reason to select a particular career, it has a great impact on people’s career decisions.

Use Resumes That Give You an Advantage

Whether you are starting a career, changing careers or looking for a different job in your present career, the best career advice is to have a great, eye-catching resume.

You may be thinking about using your old resume, maybe the one you made after graduating from college. However, you will have to make changes to that resume to make it relevant to your present situation.

Upgrade your resume with the additional skills and experiences you have acquired.

People going through a career change, need to present the skills they have acquired through the years in a way that makes it relevant to the new career jobs for which they are applying.

You may not have all the standard education for that career, so you need to convince potential employers that your previous education and work experience have given you the skills that make you a suitable candidate to transition into that job.

Career Prospects by Location

Chicago Employment
Dallas Employment
Los Angeles Employment
Miami Employment
New York City Employment
San Antonio
Washington Employment

All of the following articles have sections covering the following important aspects of career selection:

  • Overview of Job / Industry
  • Prospects for Career Advancement
  • Informal Job Description
  • Guide to Job Search
  • Cover Letters
  • Resumes
  • Training & Qualifications

To help you in your research, take a look at these articles containing all the information you need to help you make that important career decision.

Architecture Jobs
Automotive Mechanics
Casino Jobs
Cruise Ships
Customer Service
Dental Jobs
Drivers Jobs
Engineering Jobs
Fashion Designers
Firefighting Jobs
Financial Services
Food Service Jobs
Funeral Jobs
Graphic Designers
Hair Stylists
Help Desk Jobs
Hospitality Jobs
Hotel Management
Human Resources
Instructional Coordinators
Insurance Jobs
Interior Design
IT Jobs
Landscape Gardeners
Law Enforcement
Legal Jobs
Medical Jobs
Military Jobs
Mining Jobs
Mortgage Jobs
Physicians Assistants
Professional Entertainers
Purchasing Agents
Quality Control
Real Estate
Security Guards
Social Services Jobs
Teaching Jobs
Travel Jobs
Truck Drivers

Career Choices

Even though the current employment situation is forcing more people to be looking for jobs, the chances are that you will only change jobs a few times in your career.

You need to make the most of this opportunity to explore all of your career options. This may even be the time to consider a change in career path.

Also, if you are not happy in your current field of employment, you can now explore other types of work that you may find more satisfying.

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