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Chefs Jobs – Careers in Food Preparation And Culinary Arts

Chefs Jobs – Careers in Food Preparation And Culinary Arts

Industry Outlook for Chefs Jobs – The employment future for chefs jobs and food preparation workers is expected to be extremely healthy throughout the next decade or more.

Salary levels for persons employed in the field of food preparation highly depends on:

  • Location
  • Employer
  • Training / Qualifications

Exclusive restaurants, hotels, resorts and cruise ships tend to pay much higher wages than smaller establishments.

Depending on the employer, a person engaged in a cooking related occupation may work part time or may work more than one job at a time.

The work of chefs and food preparation workers may be stressful if they need to meet rigorous standards set by an employer or clientele. Most people in the industry typically work evenings as well as weekends and holidays. This occupation can be hazardous due to cuts and burns related to kitchen accidents.

Employment Prospects for Chefs Jobs

Employment prospects are extremely varied for this industry and can be found in a number of places such as:

  • Exclusive restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Cruise ships
  • Casual dining restaurants
  • Private households
  • Hospitals

Of the nearly 3 million chef and food preparation related jobs, almost thirty percent are directly related to simple food preparation jobs. Chefs and head cooks comprise approximately four percent of those jobs and only about 8,000 individuals are employed in private households.

Persons engaged in food preparation may specialize in such areas as:

  • Baked goods
  • Vegetable cook
  • Grill cook
  • Fry cook

Job Search for Chefs Jobs

Individuals who are looking for employment in the field of culinary arts can find job openings through a number of manners. Persons who attend a culinary arts school will find that their training program is often able to help them with placement after graduation.

More elite positions can be found through networking as well as through working with an employment and recruitment agency. Food preparation positions, which do not require as much training and experience, can often be found through help wanted notices and postings in classified newspapers.

Resumes for Chefs Jobs

A chronological, combination or functional resume may be appropriate; depending on the job duties for job which the applicant is applying. For more elite positions that require a greater amount of experience and training, a chronological or combination resume would work best. Positions that do not require a requisite amount of experience or training will do fine with a functional or combination resume.

Cover Letters for Chefs Jobs

The cover letter used to apply for chef and food preparation worker positions should focus on the job seeker’s commitment to customer service and back-up their resume in terms of education and experience.

Training and Qualifications for Chefs Jobs

The amount of training and qualification required for this industry is greatly dependent upon the job duties and specifications of the employer.

At a minimum, for food preparation workers, a high school diploma is required. More advanced positions will require a greater amount of formal training, such as graduation from an accredited culinary arts school.

Following graduation from such a school, it is not uncommon, for individuals to receive further on the job training through apprenticeship programs.

Culinary arts program may last anywhere from a few months to four years in length.

Future Prospects

There is room for advancement within this industry for individuals who are willing to obtain the necessary training and experience. Chefs may work their way up to a head chef position and supervise a number of junior chefs. An individual may start out as an assistant or line chef and eventually learn their way around all the various cooking stations.

Executive and head chefs generally are able to take on greater responsibility and take part in menu planning or even have the opportunity to create their own dishes and place them on the menu.

In a small number of cases, chefs may be featured on televised cooking instruction programs and produce their own line of food products.

Chef Careers

Very successful chefs may eventually open their own restaurants.

In addition, excellent chefs often achieve a clientele following and are able to command larger salaries and generate competition among employers for their services.

Good luck in your search for chefs jobs!

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