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Chemists Jobs – Careers in Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing And Scientific Research

Chemists Jobs – Careers in Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing And Scientific Research

Industry Outlook for Chemists Jobs – Employment within the field of chemistry for chemists jobs is expected to continue along an even growth path.

It may even experience further growth as the demand for cures to debilitating illnesses and diseases as well as solutions to everyday life problems advances.

Generally, chemists work in offices and labs; however in some circumstances they may be required to complete field work which may involve working in a variety of environments, both indoors and outdoors.

The stress level of chemist related employment will typically depend on the duties of the specific position.

Competition among employees working towards isolating a specific research discovery may lead to increased working hours and stresses.

Generally, individuals employed as chemists earn good salaries and can expect a rate of return on their educational investment.

Employment Prospects for Chemists Jobs

Typical employers of chemists include:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Scientific research and development
  • Environmental advocacy groups and organizations
  • Educational institutions such as universities

About half of all chemist related employment is found in various manufacturing firms.

Chemists may find work researching and assisting in the development of anything and everything from life saving medications to hair and makeup products as well as fibers and paints used in airplanes, automobiles and a number of other items used in everyday life.

Persons working in the field of chemistry typically specialize and may work in one of the following specific positions:

  • Macromolecular chemist – studies the behavior of atoms and molecules
  • Medicinal chemist – study and work in the research and development of new medications
  • Materials chemist – study, research and develop new products as well as study and improve existing products
  • Analytical chemist – studies structure and composition
  • Organic chemist – studies carbon compounds of living matter
  • Inorganic chemist – studies electronic components

Physical and theoretical chemist – studies the composition of atoms and molecules as well as chemical relationships and reactions

Job Search for Chemists Jobs

Depending on the employer and type of position, chemist related jobs may be found in a number of ways such as:

  • Networking
  • Through an employment or recruitment agency
  • Chemistry department of the university from which a candidate graduated

It is unlikely that chemist positions will generally be found through classified newspaper advertisements. Competition in this field may be keen based on prestige of education and experience.

Resumes for Chemists Jobs

Due to the extensive education required for even a basic entry level chemist position, a chronological or curriculum vitae resume will work best for individuals who are pursuing employment in this field. The resume should focus strongly on education,educational achievements and relevant experience as well as skills.

Cover Letters for Chemists Jobs

The cover letter utilized by individuals seeking work as chemists should focus on the candidate’s strong educational contributions as well as any related accomplishments, publications and related skills.

Training and Qualifications for Chemists Jobs

At an absolute minimum, a chemist position will require a bachelor’s degree; however in many cases even this advanced education will not be enough to gain an entry position in the field.

A great majority of positions require a Ph.D.

Generally speaking, the more advanced degree the job seeker possesses, the better employment prospects and higher paying salary they will find.

Chemist educational programs typically involve a strong curriculum in mathematics and science related courses such as:

  • Chemistry
  • Statistics
  • Physics
  • Environmental studies
  • Economics

Students who wish to specialize within a particular sub-field may find it necessary to pursue courses in other disciplines.

Individuals who are willing to invest the time and effort in obtaining additional education and experience may be able to access advanced positions within the field.

Chemist Careers

Senior positions as well as tenured positions in universities and other education related environments.

Management and supervisory positions may also be a possibility for persons with requisite experience and education.

Good luck in your search for chemists jobs!

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