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Consulting Positions – Professional Careers For Experts in Management And Technology

Consulting Positions – Professional Careers For Experts in Management And Technology

Industry Outlook for Consulting Positions – Within the next five to ten years, consulting positions are expected to become on of the fasted growing occupations in America.

Organizations and corporations interested in reducing overhead costs have led to a surge of employment prospects in the field of consulting.

Many fields have opened up to consulting just in the last few years such as information technology and security
The effects of 9/11 continue to effect the job market across the nation …

In the field of consulting, it has created increased opportunities for employment. Corporations and organizations are now much more concerned about the possibilities of deliberate acts of sabotage and terror.

About twenty-five percent of consultants in all fields own their own firms and are self-employed.

Projects and jobs are normally gained on a contract basis. Consulting work is generally professional in nature, conducted either from an office or from a client’s location.

A good bit of travel may be required …

Most consultants work an average of 40 hours per week. While the work week is not particularly long, the work can be stressful, especially when tight deadlines are looming.

Due to the expert knowledge and valuable experience consultants are required to possess, salaries are typically well above average.

In addition to being very well paid, consultants usually enjoy many other benefits and perks such as:

  • Healthcare benefits
  • Profit sharing
  • Stock options

Employment Prospects for Consulting Positions

The best employment prospects for consulting positions are in the fields of science, management and technology.

Many firms prefer to outsource specific pieces of work or contract with a consulting firm to gain needed advice.

Companies preferring to outsource claim it is cheaper in the end because they are not responsible for the cost of training or for employment related benefits costs.

Non-profit groups, governmental agencies, hospitals, educational facilities as well as corporations number among the types of organizations who hire the services of consultants the most often.

Examples of consulting firms in the following fields:

  • Science – agriculture, environmental, chemical and nuclear.
  • Management – finance, security, human resources and labor relations.
  • Technology – systems analysts and database administrators.

Job Search for Consulting Positions

Most persons employed as consultants are only able to enter the field after a combination of industry specific education and work experience. Networking is crucial to gaining information about open consulting positions.

Many persons prefer to open their own firms and battle for contracts rather than scuffle with equally or better qualified individuals for open positions with consulting firms.

Cover Letters for Consulting Positions

As the level of competition in the industry of consulting is so intense, the cover letter a job applicant sends needs to eye catching as well as being able to clearly and succinctly state why they are the best candidate for the position.

References to exclusive work experience in consulting positions and projects are always beneficial.

Resumes for Consulting Positions

Consulting firms looking to hire employees are generally most concerned with education and amount of work experience, therefore a functional resume is usually not the best format to use when looking for this type of work. A chronological resume works well; allowing individuals to highlight both important categories.

While the majority of individuals working in the field of consulting are self-employed, most still find the need for a resume. The resume for an individual who is self employed will differ from the resume of an individual looking for work with an agency or firm.

Self-employed resumes list education and work experience, however they also list specific contracts that have been successfully completed. The consultant has gained permission from the client to list them as a reference as well as positive quotes regarding the consultant’s services.

Training & Qualifications for Consulting Positions

Competition in this field is particularly fierce. Nearly all the individuals in consulting have at least a Bachelor’s degree; many also have Master’s degrees and doctoral degrees.

Professional development and certification programs are available to assist individuals with honing their professional skills.

Consulting Careers

Persons employed as consultants, particularly for larger firms, are generally required to attend continuing education courses as well as professional self-improvement classes.

Common topics include time management and methods for stress reduction.

Good luck in your job search for consulting positions!

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