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Customer Service Jobs  Satisfying Customer Needs

Customer Service Jobs Satisfying Customer Needs

About Customer Service Jobs – Customer service positions involve asking questions and responding to inquiries made by customers in a variety of fields.

The goal of the customer service representative is to resolve the situation satisfactorily while maintaining good service. Customer service representatives are expected to listen, ask questions and offer solutions in order to resolve problems.

This may occur through:

  • Face to face interaction with customer
  • Phone calls
  • Internet communication

Customer service representatives may work in a variety of settings, from department stores to private offices to noisy call centers. Customer service work is generally full time, although the hours may vary depending on location.

Call center work is generally split into shifts and customer service representatives working in call centers may work shifts that include early morning as well as evening and weekend work.

Rewards & Benefits of Customer Service Jobs

While the compensation and benefits for customer service jobs can be rewarding, some employees find the work to be repetitive and extremely stressful.

Customer service representatives often take the brunt of an irate customer’s tirade. Because the reputation of the company is on the line, as well as repeat business, most companies at least randomly record conversations between customer service employees and customers.

Performance Levels in Customer Service Jobs

Additionally, quotas may be instituted in some firms, encouraging employees to handle a minimum number of calls or visits per day. In order to accomplish this, customer service representatives are encouraged to resolve visits with customers in the least amount of time possible while still providing excellent customer service. Frequent performance evaluations monitor the progress of a customer’s service representative’s work.

Employment Prospects for Customer Service Jobs

Employment prospects in the customer service field are anticipated to be excellent in the coming years. Currently, about 25% of customer service representative are employed in jobs related to insurance and finance fields.

Other fields that employ customer service representatives include business support services, retail establishments, the telecommunications industry and manufacturing fields. A large percentage of customer service representatives work in call centers.

Individuals who excel may find there are opportunities to advance in responsibility and compensation through management roles.

Job Search for Customer Service Jobs

Individuals who are looking for work in customer service call centers should be prepared for the fact that these employment prospects are generally geographically located. About 1/3 of the customer service employment prospects are located in New York, Florida, Texas and California. Positions in customer service may be advertised in newspapers as well as extensively posted in online job banks.

Cover Letters for Customer Service Jobs

One of the most critical elements of a winning customer service cover letter is the ability to convey key achievements such as meeting production quotas, increase sales, and handle a high volume of calls while consistently delivering quality customer service.

Resumes for Customer Service Jobs

Customer service resumes should focus on the job seeker’s experience in working with the public, resolving customer service issues and multi-tasking. Any training related to customer service that has been completed should be highlighted.

Special skills such as the ability to assist a certain number of customers daily should be placed prominently on the resume. Job seekers looking for positions in customer service may find a combination resume works best to highlight their unique work experience and skills.

Training & Qualifications for Customer Service Jobs

Many job seekers may be able to find positions in the field of customer service with as little as a high school diploma. Some employers offer on the job training as well as continuing education through training and seminars. On the job training typically involves training related to phones and switchboards, industry specific training and education on company policies.

Customer Service Jobs

Two of the most important skills a candidate interested in going into the customer service field should possess are the ability to ask questions and listen.

Computer skills are also considered to be a big plus.

Extensive telephone switchboard work may also be required in some customer service jobs.

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