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Drivers Jobs – Careers Driving Cabs, Taxis, Coaches, Busses, Trucks And Automobiles

Drivers Jobs – Careers Driving Cabs, Taxis, Coaches, Busses, Trucks And Automobiles

Industry Outlook for Drivers Jobs – It is anticipated that career opportunities for drivers jobs will remain strong due to the fact that the turnover tends to remain high.

This is largely due to individuals who come in and out of the profession as they pursue other interests.

Main Responsibilities

Taxi drivers are responsible for transporting people from one location to another. This may include locals as well as tourists and out of town business people.

In addition to ferrying customers, taxi drivers are responsible for insuring that their vehicle is in good working order and for reporting any malfunctions.

Chauffeurs operate vehicles ranging from limousines to vans as well as private cars. Like taxi drivers, they are responsible for insuring that the vehicle they operate is in good working order.

Working Conditions

Working conditions for both taxi drivers and chauffeurs may include working in inclimate weather as well as assisting customers with heavy baggage.

The work schedule for taxi drivers and chauffeurs tends to be irregular, with individuals employed in this industry working both part time and full time during day, evening and night shifts including weekends and holidays.

While chauffeurs may have a set schedule; taxi drivers are responsible for incurring new business each day.

This typically occurs in one of three ways:

  • They may ‘cruise’ the streets for business and take on passengers that flag them down
  • May also report to pick up customers who have called for a cab or taxi
  • Finally they may take on new business by hanging out by the taxi stands at airports and bus terminals

Employment Prospects for Drivers Jobs

Taxi drivers may be independently employed or employed by a local taxi or cab company.

Chauffeurs may be employed by:

  • Pivate individuals
  • Bsinesses
  • Goverment agencies
  • Limousine companies

Job Search for Drivers Jobs

Due to the fact that taxi drivers and chauffeurs are employed by a widely diverse client base, employment opportunities can be located through the classifieds as well as through the services of an employment agency.

Particularly high profile jobs, such as employment for wealthy private individuals, may be located through the services of a recruitment agency as well as networking.

Resumes for Drivers Jobs

While most taxi and limousine companies will require the completion of a separate application, a resume can serve as a lead in. A chronological, functional or combination resume will work equally well.

Cover Letters for Drivers Jobs

Although a cover letter is not generally required for entry into this industry; in the event that a job seeker is applying for employment with a high profile client or company; a cover letter may prove to be beneficial. It should focus on customer service and when applicable, mention references.

Training & Qualifications for Drivers Jobs

At a minimum individuals who are interested in becoming taxi drives must meet the standards set by local governments in regards to driving experience and training. Higher standards may be set by individual taxi and limousine companies.

Most companies review applicant’s credit, criminal, medical and driving records in order to make a hiring decision. It is also common for companies to require a high school diploma and may only hire applicants of a minimum age; due to insurance restrictions.

In order to become a taxi driver, an individual must first obtain a standard driver license and then obtain a taxi license. In order to obtain this, many applicants are required to pass a written test or complete a training program.

The written tests may cover such as areas as knowledge of:

  • Local geography
  • Safe motor vehicle laws
  • Customer service
  • Taxicab regulations

They may also be required to demonstrate some degree of English proficiency. As individuals attain experience they may either open their own company or be promoted to a senior position.

Driving Careers

On the job training may be provided by some taxi and limousine companies; although this will not serve as a substitute for attaining a taxi driver license

This generally serves as a base for attaining the knowledge necessary to pass the requisite exam.

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