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Engineering Jobs – Building the Future

Engineering Jobs – Building the Future

Industry Outlook for Engineering Jobs – Demand for engineering jobs may or may not see growth within the next few years.

The growth of this occupation appears difficult to ascertain for a number of reasons …

  • Overall, the industry is experiencing a slump due to outsourcing to foreign countries.
  • Limited numbers of individuals pursuing this field combined with the number of positions opening as other individuals leave the occupation to pursue other options, however may create a number of employment opportunities within the field.

Successful engineers must be extremely detail-oriented as well as analytical and inquisitive. Engineers typically work a regular work week, although they may be required to put in extra hours if there is an approaching deadline.

Employment Prospects for Engineering Jobs

Due to the complex nature of our technologically advanced society, most engineers have found it necessary to begin specializing within their field.

Common specialties include:

  • Structural
  • Biomedical
  • Aeronautical
  • Civil engineering and chemical

In recent years, most engineers have specialized in the fields of electrical, civil and mechanical. The fewest engineers specialize in fields such as agricultural and marine engineering.

Manufacturers are the largest employers of engineers, closely followed by construction and telecommunications industries. The government, both federal and state also employers a large number of various types of engineers.

A large number of engineers are employed through the various branches of the armed services.

Job Search for Engineering Jobs

Employment in engineering can generally be found either through advertisements in the classified section or through the utilization of an employment or recruitment agency.

Government agencies and large manufacturing companies that contract with the government tend to use professional employment services to fill openings as they arise.

Networking, as with most jobs, can play an important role in locating employment openings.

Cover Letters for Engineering Jobs

The cover letter focused toward an engineering position should focus on the candidate’s education, training and experience. The letter should also explain how the candidate can benefit the employer through their unique accomplishments and strengths.

Resumes for Engineering Jobs

Engineering is a unique field in that it requires significant education as well as skills and experience. Due to this reason, a combination resume can often be the best way to go for candidates applying for work as engineers because it allows them to focus on all three elements.

Training & Qualifications for Engineering Jobs

Most entry level jobs in this field will require a bachelor’s degree, while advanced positions will require a graduate degree and beyond. Individuals who remain in the industry are often required to stay abreast of changing technologies and emerging trends through the following:

  • Continuing education classes
  • Seminars
  • Trainings
  • Conventions.

Individuals who are interested in pursing a career in engineering and becoming accepted at a college or university with an accredited engineering program should focus on developing a strong course background in mathematics, sciences, English and computer technology.

Licensure Requirements

Licensure is required for all professional engineers in every state across the nation. Once licensed, engineers are known as Professional Engineers.

A Bachelor’s degree and successful completion of a two part examination is required to become licensed as a Professional Engineer.

Successful completion of the first part of the examination will allow the candidate to work in the engineering industry as an Engineer in Training. Upon completion of the second part of the examination, the candidate will receive the title of Professional Engineer.

Regardless of education and certification, it is quite common within this field for engineers with lesser amounts of experience to work under lead or supervising engineers in the early years of their careers.

Engineering Careers

Many students entering colleges on an engineering study track will spend four years or more completing their degree, due to the complex nature of the studies.

Individuals may also extend their educations by working on their master’s degrees through a 5 year program, instead of a 4 year Bachelor’s degree study program.

Good luck in your search for engineering jobs!

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