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Fashion Designers – Trendy Careers In  Designing Fashionable Clothing

Fashion Designers – Trendy Careers In Designing Fashionable Clothing

Industry Outlook For Fashion Designers – Opportunities for fashion designers is expected to continue growing at a steady rate through the next five to ten years.

This growth is expected to be offset by the intense competition in the field of fashion design.

The duties of a fashion stylist involve sketching new designs and ideas for clothing, taking into consideration:

  • Current trends
  • Material types and weights
  • Clients needs

The field of fashion couture has a tendency to be somewhat hectic and stressful due to deadlines involved in meeting employer and client needs and wishes.

When a deadline is looming, it may be necessary for fashion couture designers to work late nights and without a day off in order to complete a project.

Travel may be involved in the field of fashion design, this is particularly true if a fashion designer is preparing for a fashion show that may be held anywhere from New York to Paris.

Fashion stylists typically need to have:

  • A good eye for design
  • Be creative
  • Capable of moving the ideas in their minds to sketches in paper

Fashion couture designers typically are paid by salary and receive better than average compensation. Competition is particularly keen in this field.

Employment Prospects for Fashion Designers

Approximately 1/3 of all fashion stylists are self employed; the remainder of the nearly half a million fashion stylists employed in the US work for various department stores, and apparel manufacturers. A small number of fashion designers may work for elite and wealthy private clients.

Job Search for Fashion Designers

Networking is considered to be extremely important in the field of fashion design.

Fashion design positions may or may not be posted in classified newspaper listings and on job boards. Besides networking, many job applicants may find that utilizing the resources of a recruiting agency may be their best option for finding fashion couture designer related employment.

Resumes for Fashion Designers

Due to the fact that skills can be substituted for education, in some cases, in the field of fashion design a combination or chronological resume would both be appropriate for use by an individual interested in entering this field.

Cover Letters for Fashion Designers

Cover letters utilized by job applicants seeking work in the field of fashion design should reflect the amount of competition present within the field.

Due to the fact that the field of fashion design is artistically related, fashion stylists may find that they can steer away somewhat from traditional and conservative cover letters in an effort to gain an employer’s attention.

Some standards should always be maintained, however; such as referencing how the candidate learned about the position and recapping any special skills, education and experience.

Training & Qualifications for Fashion Designers

Although it isn’t absolutely necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in order to enter the field of fashion design, most successful fashion couture designers either attend some type of formal training or graduate from college with a degree related to fashion design.

Classes in textiles and art are often required as well as courses in:

  • Apparel trends and history
  • Sketching
  • Principles of design
  • Apparel related courses

A few trade schools offer training specifically in fashion design.

Even after obtaining employment, it is quite common for a fashion artist to still be learning skills on the job as much as up to three years after first entering the industry. Some employers may require a Master of Fine Arts degree for advanced positions in fashion design.

Fashion Careers

After obtaining experience and cultivating success in the field of fashion design, some individuals find they are able to open their own companies and produce their own lines of highly successful clothing.

Some fashion couture designers even eventually design special ensembles exclusively for celebrities and wealthy clients.

Good luck in your job search for fashion couture designers!

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