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Attract Attention with a Fax Cover Letter

Attract Attention with a Fax Cover Letter

The internet has changed the way companies want their resume and cover letter to be sent. Yet, just as it is easy to receive a cover letter in an electronic format, the same it is to delete it by mistake or not seeing it as it reaches in the spam section.

To avoid such problems it is recommended that you also send a fax cover letter to the hiring manager.

One of the best things about the fax cover letter is that it combines the advantages of a paper cover letter with the rapidity of an emailed one. Thus, the employer will receive a paper back cover letter, which will find it easier to read in a short period of time. Thus, you will no longer be afraid that your cover letter did not get noticed or got lost in the spam folder.

There are companies which still require sending a fax cover letter in addition to the electronic version. And even if they do not ask you to do that, most of the times they do offer you the possibility to fax the cover letter and the resume. If you are given these details, you should take advantage of them and surprise the hiring manager with a well done fax cover letter.

To give your cover letter more strength, make sure that you do some research and find out the name of the person in charge who will be reading it.

Addressing directly to the hiring manager by his name will attract his attention and make him read further. Think about it, they will receive a fax addressed to them – it is impossible not to stir their curiosity.

Also, make sure you mention the job for which you are applying. Most of the times, there is more than one job in the company and you will not be called for an interview if you do not specify what position you want to occupy in the company.

Just like any other cover letter, you will have to keep the fax cover letter free on any typos or grammatical mistakes which will affect, in a negative manner, the way in which you are perceived by the employer.

Fax Cover Letter – Help

Attract their attention by having a flawless cover letter and you have great chances of being asked to join their team. The fax cover letter is an effective way to attract the attention.

Write it properly, just as you would with any other type of cover letter and fax it to them as soon as possible.

Ask them to send you a confirmation of the receipt and wait to be asked to come to the interview.

If you have written your fax cover letter professionally, this will certainly happen.

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