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Food Service Jobs – Career  Opportunities in Catering

Food Service Jobs – Career Opportunities in Catering

Industry Outlook for Food Service Jobs – Food service jobs, as with most other service industry jobs, are expected to continue to rise steadily within the next few years.

Many employment opportunities will rise as workers are either promoted or leave the field to pursue other personal and career options. A number of jobs will result as new facilities are opened, creating new jobs.

Many college students find this is an excellent way to fund their educations …

… Working holidays and weekends can be particularly lucrative.

On the other hand, however; food service work can be unpredictable and therefore difficult budget one’s expenses by.

Salary Expectations

The salary level of food service jobs in fast food and restaurant chains can vary widely. In most cases, waiters, waitresses and other services are paid below minimum wage per hour because it is anticipated that they will be able to supplement their incomes with tips.

Food service workers typically work very long hours and are often required to work the least desirable shifts-evening, weekends and holidays. This type of work can be physically draining as it requires standing and walking for long periods of time as well as lifting heavy trays of food.

Required Skills

Food service workers are also usually prone to injuries resulting from cuts, scrapes and burns associated with sharp cutlery and hot food items.

Persons employed in the food service industry must have good people skills and be able to effectively communicate with patrons. In some establishments, food service workers also handle taking care of the patron’s bill, so they must be able to accurately count money and make change. They also must be able to discern when to make a decision on their own and when to defer to senior management.

Finally, food service workers must have excellent hygiene habits.

Employment Prospects for Food Service Jobs

Employment opportunities can be found in the following areas:

  • Fast food restaurants
  • Full service restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Schools
  • Casinos
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Private homes

Job Search for Food Service Jobs

Individuals interested in the food service industry can locate employment through a variety of methods …

This type of job is frequently posted in the classifieds section of the newspaper as well as through help wanted signs.

Networking can prove to be particularly beneficial for food service employment. Many food service establishments also choose to utilize the services of a professional employment or recruitment agency, particularly if it is an upscale restaurant or hotel.

Cover Letters for Food Service Jobs

The most important factor a cover letter written to apply for a food service job should convey is the applicant’s dedication to customer service. Above and beyond that, the cover letter should refer to how the applicant learned of the job opening and serve to build further on the applicant’s strengths, skills and experience.

Resumes for Food Service Jobs

The employer is most often interested in the applicant’s skills and experience, so these two areas should be highlighted the most.

A chronological resume, functional resume or combination resume will all work well when applying for this type of employment. An area that uses bulleted lists to relay information about skills and experience can help an employer to easily zero in on that section.

Training & Qualifications for Food Service Jobs

The level of training and qualifications for this occupation greatly depends upon the employer and establishment.

For fast food and restaurant chains, all that may be required is a high school diploma and a few months prior experience.

More upscale restaurants, clubs, resorts and private homes generally require extensive professional experience as well as training from a professional institute. Professional certification is also available for this industry, which can help many workers who have aspirations to move up into management.

Catering Careers

There is room for advancement in this field, to the level of manager, if a worker performs well and obtains additional training and education.

Managerial positions in the food service industry are generally salaried, which can either be an advantage or disadvantage; depending on the employer and location.

Good luck in your search for food service jobs!

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