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Free Cover Letter Samples – Advertisers Cover Letter

Free Cover Letter Samples – Advertisers Cover Letter

How To Use Cover Letter Samples

The purpose of an advertisement cover letter is to respond to a job posting placed in the newspaper, on a job posting board or other media.

In this case, the job applicant has not been referred by someone in the industry and therefore does not already have an ‘in’ with the decision maker.

As a result, the applicant is going to need to make sure they reference in the cover letter exactly how they found out about the position and specify exactly which job board or newspaper.

Simply stating “I saw your advertisement” isn’t good enough …

In addition, the job seeker will need to really catch the employer’s attention with the cover letter.

When a job opening is announced through the media, such as in the classifieds section of the newspaper, the amount of competition significantly increases.

Take a look at the Advertisement Cover Letter Below to see how this applicant handled all of the required tasks:

Free Cover Letter Samples – Addressed to Advertisers

Shannon St.Claire, RN
2367 Carrie Boulevard
Olympia, Washington 00000

February 5, 2005

Ms. Ann Graves
Personnel Manager
Olympia General Hospital
1451 Medical Avenue
Olympia, Washington 00000

Dear Ms. Graves:

The position for Emergency Room Nurse advertised recently in the Sunday edition of the Olympia Daily News caught my attention. My skills and experience are a perfect complement for this position. After completing my nursing degree at Washington State University, I worked as an emergency room nurse at Seattle General Hospital for 3 years.

I have recently returned home to the Olympia area and believe that I can bring the same exceptional skills I honed at Seattle General Hospital to your excellent facility. The experience and education I gained in Seattle have given me excellent knowledge of Emergency Room practices, patient care and family relations.

The following are highlights of my qualifications and accomplishments:

  • Extensive patient care experience in Emergency environments.
  • Frequent commendations by patients, families and senior staff members for providing exceptional care.
  • Employee award for leadership skills and successful implementation of a system that reduces the wait time for patients and families in the Emergency Room.

Enclosed is my resume for your review. I will follow up with you in a few days to discuss any questions you may have. I look forward to speaking with you personally regarding how my skills and experience can benefit your facility.

Shannon St. Clair

Enclosure: Resume

Notice how the applicant specifically referenced the newspaper where the job opening was posted.

She also customized the cover letter to directly target the advertisement … this gives a personal tone to the cover letter.

The applicant goes on to draw attention to her strengths by using bulleted text and mentioning the awards and commendations she received for exceptional patient care.

This job applicant also mentioned the innovative system she implemented to improve customer relations.

In Conclusion

She concludes the cover letter by indicating she can help the employer with her excellent skills and experience. Finally, rather than giving the employer the option of contacting her, the job applicant puts the ball into her court by stating she will follow up to answer any questions.

All of these techniques are designed to put the job seeker ahead of the competition who will surely be responding to the advertisement as well.

Cover Letter Tips

Do not overlook the importance of your cover letter. Some people consider it to be even more important than your resume. Customize every cover letter to match every job application requirements.

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