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Free Cover Letters – Recruiters Cover Letter

Free Cover Letters – Recruiters Cover Letter

Effective Use of Cover Letters – Cover letters addressed to recruiters need to be handled a little differently than conventional cover letters.

Specifically, certain information that is traditionally not included in cover letters sent directly to employers should be included in a recruiter cover letter.

This information generally includes …

  • Why and when you left your last employer
  • Salary information

As well as your salary history for past employment and your expectations regarding future compensation.

In addition, you will need to mention the types of jobs you are interested in and if you are interested in relocating, then the locations that would interest you.

Finally, a comprehensive recruiter cover letter should let the recruiter know when the applicant is available to begin work and if they are already working with any other recruiting services.

This is important because it helps the recruiter narrow down search possibilities and avoid pitching the applicant to the same employer as another recruiter.

Free Cover Letters – Addressed to Recruiters

James R. Wilson
1275 Hemmingway Road
# 210 A
Houston, Texas 00000

January 21, 2005

Mr. Samuel Jones
Best Employment Recruitment
5200 Hertzman Avenue
Houston, Texas 00000

Dear Mr. Jones:

Should you have a client who needs a corporate attorney with the ability to provide hands on leadership, please allow me to highlight my strengths and experience. Since graduating at the top of my class from Baylor School of Law, I have earned a reputation as having a sharp legal mind and the ability to grasp complex legal situations.

My employer is in the process of merging his practice with another and as a result I believe it is time for a change.

Of particular interest to your clients:

  • Integrally involved in resolution of labor relations regarding 500+ employee labor strike.
  • Negotiated all aspects of a $1.7 million copyright infringement case.
  • Selected to lead an inquisition into a Fair Labor Standards Practices case.

I am particularly interested in positions in the Houston area that start at a range of $85,000 to $100,000 in the following categories: Contract Labor and Employment Attorney; Intellectual Property Attorney and Workers’ Compensation Attorney. I will be available to begin work in any of the above positions at the beginning of next month.

I would like to meet with you to discuss the benefits I can bring to your current clients. I will be in touch soon to arrange a personal meeting. Should you need to reach me prior to that time I can be reached on my direct line at 1-555-1111or at home most evenings 1-555-1212.


Mr. Samuel Jones

Points To Note

Notice how the job applicant leads into the cover letter with a strong statement reference his leadership skills. He highlights the fact that he graduated at the top of his class, from a prestigious university and easily incorporates two of his best skills.

The job seeker also briefly makes mention of his reason for leaving his current employer and then moves on to draw attention to several of his recent accomplishments and achievements.

Strong active verbs and bulleted text make a powerful case for this candidate.

In the last paragraph, he quickly summarizes the type of work he’s looking for as well as the salary range and location.

Finally, this job applicant states that he is available to begin work within the next month, provides contact information and confirms that he will contact the recruiter soon.

Cover Letter Tips

Whilst your resume is very specific to yourself, your cover letter must be aligned to the specific requirements of each job you apply for.

Cover letters give you the opportunity to communicate your specific skills that are needed for each job.

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