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Free Examples of Cover Letters – Referral Cover Letter

Free Examples of Cover Letters – Referral Cover Letter

How To Write a Referral Cover Letter

A referral cover letter is used when an applicant has been referred by someone directly acquainted with the person making the hiring decision for a specific job opening.

Under no circumstances should this type of cover letter be used unless the referring individual is actually willing to vouch for the job candidate and unless they have some degree of relationship with the hiring entity.

The referral cover letter should always mention the referring individual by name and their professional association, if possible. All care should be taken with this type of cover letter to spell names correctly. The remainder of the cover letter can be somewhat similar to other cover letters.

It should focus on the accomplishments and achievements of the job seeker, describe how the job seeker can benefit the employer and summarize by stating a specific follow-up date.

Take a look at the following referring cover letter to get an idea of how this job applicant handled the situation:

Free Examples of Cover Letters – Referral Type

Lin Sato
3526 Wildberry Lane
Trenton, New Jersey 00000

February 25, 2005

Frank Wiley, Jr.
Wiley & Wiley, Inc.
2501 Sutton St.
Suite 510
Trenton, New Jersey 00000

Dear Mr. Wiley:

Hillary Zhou of Kirby & Kirby suggested I contact you, regarding the possible marketing assistant position you may have open soon.

As a marketing assistant for Merck Marketing, I have developed my talent and experience in media campaigns that gain exposure. During my tenure, I have had the opportunity to write press-releases, create media kits and conduct market research.

Prior to my current position, I was intricately involved in the marketing industry, working for Webster Marketing, Inc. where I prepared numerous comparative analysis studies and managed several direct mail campaigns.

As a junior at New York State University, I was selected to participate in multinational marketing program based in Tokyo. During my internship, I assisted a marketing team with developing a promotional campaign for a new product that quickly attained the #1 sales rank for that product type.

In addition, my internship allowed me to hone my Japanese language skills; an asset that has proven to be particularly beneficial to my present and past employers.

I look forward to speaking with you personally regarding how I can contribute to your team. I am enclosing my resume for your review. I will contact you the week of March 7th to discuss an interview date. Until then, I can be reached at my direct line at 1-555-555-1212 or at home at 1-555-555-0000.


Lin Sato

Enclosure: Resume

As you can see from the above example, this job seeker mentioned the individual who referred her to the job opening in the first paragraph.

She quickly gave this information along with the person’s professional association and then moved on to highlight several of her key accomplishments. She also managed to include the fact that she speaks Japanese and what a benefit this has been to other employers.

The candidate keeps the cover letter short, in easy to read paragraphs.

Her selective use of bolded text insures that the reader’s eyes will be drawn to her key strengths.

Finally, she summarizes the cover letter by stating exactly when she will contact the employer to discuss an interview date and states once again how the employer can contact her.

Cover Letter Tips

Although a referral may help your job application to be viewed in a favorable light, take care not to come across in too familiar a manner.

Remember that you will only be offered the job if you can demonstrate that you are the best candidate for the job.

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