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Free Resume Formats – Chronological Resume

Free Resume Formats – Chronological Resume

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This type of resume is especially beneficial for individuals who have a steady work history with no gaps and who have been employed in the same type of work. A chronological resume is by far the most common used by job seekers.

The chronological resume also works well for job seekers who have continued to expand upon experience within the same career field, showing progression through promotions.

Chronological resumes are not suitable for persons who:

  • Change jobs frequently
  • Have gaps in their employment
  • Are looking to make a career change

The following chronological sample demonstrates how it can be best utilized:

Free Resume Formats – Chronological Resume

Celeste Montoya
152 Sweetbriar Road
Taos, New Mexico
Telephone: 1-222-333-444 Home
Email: cmontoya@somedomain.com

Pediatric nurse with speciality experience in caring for premature babies. Developed strong pediatric care and planning skills through internships at Baylor University Hospital. Knowledge of NICU standards.


Baylor University Hospital Dallas, Texas
Registered Nurse – 07/2004-12/2004

  • Served as an RV on the pediatric wing of a 100 bed unit dedicated to the care of critically ill children.
  • Assigned to a special rotation involving the NICU and played a critical role in the care of premature babies.
  • Actively participated in the implementation of care plans for patients involving a variety of health issues including birth defects, developmental delays and underdevelopment.

University of Texas, Austin, Texas
Student Nurse – 05/2003-05/2004

  • Worked under the direction of supervising RN in providing bedside care, documenting care treatments, admitting, discharging and transferring patients.


Taos General Hospital, Taos, New Mexico
Admit Clerk – 09/2001-04/2003

  • Greeted patients and family, assisted patients with completing paperwork, explained admittance documents, obtained signatures.

Activities & Honors:

University of Texas-College of Nursing, Austin, Texas
Bachelors Degree – Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  • GPA – 3.8 Deans list every semester – Certification obtained.
  • 12/03 – Registered Nurse.


  • Hospital volunteer 2001 – 2003
  • National Council of State Boards of Nursing

A chronological resume is particularly beneficial for nurses because it allows them to show a steady progression of experience and responsibility within the same career field.

This chronological sample reveals how this type of resume focuses largely on past employment experiences and less on skills. This job candidate started out as a admit clerk, moved on to become a student nurse, then was awarded an impressive internship at a prominent hospital and is now looking for a full-time RN position in a specific department.

A chronological resume format is not suitable when there have been obvious gaps in work experience. The chronological format allowed this job seeker to demonstrate her proven experience in the field and department she prefers.

You are welcome to use any of these free resume formats on this site for your personal use. The free resume formats may not be used or reproduced for commercial purposes without written permission.

Quick Tips On Resume Formats

One of the most frequently asked questions by job seekers is… when should I use a chronological resume format?

You certainly shouldn’t be using a chronological format if you have glaring gaps in your career history, because this format will make it obvious.

The best time to use it, is when you have a lot of relevant work experience and you want to highlight your career progression.

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