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Functional Resume Format Samples – The Best Way to Get Started

Functional Resume Format Samples – The Best Way to Get Started

When you are a young college graduate who is looking for a job, there are great chances that you will not be able to make a resume which will catch hiring managers attention.

For some of you it may even be hard to put your accomplishments on paper, as you will find it hard to decide what you should write in such a resume and what you should leave aside. For those of you who need help in writing a resume, functional resume samples may be a mine of gold.

Most people perceive functional resumes as objective types of letters, which will, by no means attract the employer. This is not always true, as there are hiring managers which are looking for resumes which are plain, simple and which state only your qualifications for the job.

If they see that you have got all the things that they need, they may give you a chance to tell them why you think you are suitable for the job during the interview. Meanwhile they just want to know which are the things you rely on when applying for the job. So, as a graduate, you should give them what they want and start looking for functional resume samples which to serve you as a model.

Resume Structure

Most functional resume samples have the following structure: objective, education, employment, accomplishments and capabilities. Some may even exclude the last two and focus only on the first three. This will give you the possibility to exhibit your qualifications and convince the employer that your education will help you even with the toughest tasks.

As mentioned previously, the first thing you should write in a functional resume is the objective, which will be that of obtaining the job. You will have to regard the job as a trophy and give as many arguments as you have in order to convince the employer that you deserve it.

Resume Samples

There are numerous functional resume samples which can show you which is the best way to state your objectives and how you should back them up with arguments from your previous experience and education.

Most graduates do not have previous experience, and if they have it is not in the field they apply for a job, so it is like nonexistent. This is why, you should focus more on how through education you have developed numerous skills which will permit you to perform the job effectively.

Free Functional Resume Sample

The functional resume is not as traditional as the chronological resume; however it is a good solution in a number of situations. It is best utilized when an applicant wants to play down dates and focus on skills instead.

This type of resume works very well for individuals who have changed jobs frequently or who are re-entering the workforce after taking some time off.

Changing Careers

In addition, individuals whose most relevant work experience was not recent will and those who are changing careers will find the functional resume to be very beneficial.

The trick to creating a successful functional resume is grouping sets of similar skills together so that the eyes are drawn to them and not what the resume is lacking; specifically dates.

Take a look at the resume below to see how this applicant highlighted her skills in a functional resume.

Free Sample Resumes – Functional Resume

Barbara Deeson
1205 Holly Lane
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 00000


Secretary * Customer Service * Receptionist

Summary of Qualifications

  • 5+ years experience in answering and directing calls on a multi-line switchboard
  • Strong communication and public relations skills
  • Able to coordinate multiple projects and meet deadlines

Special Skills

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Familiar with legal terminology
  • Experience handling confidential data

Relevant Skills


  • Answering a high volume of calls in a fast paced environment
  • Scheduled appointments for four attorneys
  • Mail Processing
  • Multi-tasking

Secretary/Office Administrator

  • Data entry with 10 key by touch
  • Keyboarding and typing at 75 wpm
  • Knowledge of record and file maintenance
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills
  • Experience composing cover letters and client contracts

Customer Service

  • Excellent problem solver; resolved situations adeptly and professionally
  • Handled customer inquiries and complaints in a professional manner
  • Adept at handling confrontational situations


  • Graduate of Sunny Hills Community College-Relevant courses included:
  • Typing and keyboarding
  • Microsoft Office
  • Customer Service

Relevant Experience

Legal Secretary
Harrison & Harrison; Attorneys at Law, Milwaukee, WS

McSwain; Lowry & Jacobs; Attorneys at Law, Milwaukee, WS

Customer Service
Bob’s Big Bins, Milwaukee, WS

References and Further Data Available Upon Request

In the above functional resume example, this job seeker used the functional resume to downplay the fact that she had not worked in some time. This is possibly due to taking some time off to care for a family.

Focus on Relevant Skills

The functional resume she used focused on specific relevant skills she can bring to a potential employer.

The relevant experience section allowed her to name her association with a couple of well known law firms without forcing her to divulge the fact so early in the game that her experience has not been recent.

Essential Things You Should Know About a Sample Functional Resume

Nowadays, you can find millions of examples about how you should write your resume, what it should include and what it should be avoided, the tone you will have to use and the most suitable words which you should use in a resume.

So, if you have doubts about how your resume should look like, a sample functional resume will clear the image for you.

A sample functional resume is an example about what you should write in a functional resume. As you very well known, the most important types of resume are the functional, the chronological resume and the combined resume. The first type of letter is what we are going to talk about.

Perfect For No Previous Experience

The most important thing you should know about them is that they are the perfect choice when it comes to people who have not got previous experience in the field in which the job is (graduates, people who have worked in other fields), for those who have large gaps between one job and another or for persons whose last jobs lasted a small period of time.

The main reason for which a functional resume is suitable in these conditions is that you will be able to put your skills and qualifications first and make the employer read your entire resume. At the point when he sees your lack of experience, you would already have the chance of stirring his curiosity and thus, you may be called for an interview even though your experience is not so great.

Contact Information

As you will be able to see in any professional sample functional resume, the contact information is the first to be displayed. They should be filled in correctly, so that you could be contacted easily in the case in which you are selected for an interview. Use your first and last name, but resist the temptation of putting your nickname there. It will make a bad impression on the employer.

In addition to that, you may want to make an email which sounds professional. Your name will be the perfect idea for an email address. Also, give your phone number, so that you can be contacted anytime. They may want a phone interview first.

Your Objectives

Also, most of the well written sample functional resumes start with a paragraph in which you write your objectives. Write a similar paragraph in which you tell your employer the job you are aiming at and the qualifications you have for it. This will help the employer make an image about you.

Functional Resume Samples – Help

If you are a graduate, it is best to organize all your qualifications in a functional resume. This will take away the focus from your lack of career experience and will highlight your education and it will put you in a favorable light.

To get a better idea about what this type of letter requires from you, you should look for some functional resume samples on the internet. You will find plenty interesting examples to use as guidelines.

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