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Graphic Designers – Creating Images For Print, Film And Internet

Graphic Designers – Creating Images For Print, Film And Internet

Industry Outlook for Graphic Designers – The demand for graphic designers / graphic arts field is expected to show a growth rate of about 20% throughout the next few years.

Newer technology and an increase in the use of internet graphics and videos will contribute to the growth in this field; however competition is anticipated to be keen.

Graphic artists have traditionally produced a variety of print, film and electronic graphics. A significant number of graphic artists and designers are now moving into producing images to be used on the Internet such as on web sites and multimedia projects.

Graphic designers use computers and computer aided design programs to:

  • Update and design logos for corporations, organizations and non-profit
  • Design brochures
  • Multi-media displays
  • Stationary and other matters related to advertising and marketing

Qualities Needed

Graphic artists and designers commonly work with other professionals within the industry such as artists, photographers and marketing executives, so good interpersonal abilities and teamwork qualities are an important aspect of this occupation.

Individuals interested in this career field should be creative, artistic, aggressive and able to meet tight deadlines while working under pressure.

This field may require travel in order to meet with clients. Work hours may vary and may also tend to involve overtime, especially when deadlines are concerned.

Employment Prospects for Graphic Designers

A large number of graphic artists and designers eventually open their own design firms and about 30% are self-employed.

Open positions can be found in:

  • Advertising and marketing firms
  • Graphic art firms
  • Studios
  • Publishers
  • Printers

Some corporations and franchise chains also hire their own in-house art and graphic designers to handle advertising campaigns.

Job Search for Graphic Designers

Individuals looking for work within this industry find that networking proves to be invaluable.

Other ways of finding out about jobs include utilizing the services of employment and recruitment firms as well as related job boards.

Successful candidates within this industry not only present a resume, but generally have compiled a portfolio detailing their prior achievements. This is usually considered to be an absolute necessity when looking for employment within this field.

Resumes for Graphic Designers

Due to the artistic nature of this occupation, there is more room for flexibility and creativity in resumes presented for consideration.

A chronological, functional or combination styled resume can be beneficial when applying for work within this occupation. Bold borders and a more expressive use of fonts can be considered when designing resumes for these artistic positions.

Cover Letter for Graphic Designers

The cover letter utilized by an applicant seeking work in the graphic arts industry should reflect how the person learned of the job opportunity as well as mention the name of the individual who referred them, if applicable.

Furthermore, the cover letter should highlight career achievements and express the candidate’s ability to meet deadlines while working under pressure.

Training & Qualifications for Graphic Designers

A minimum of an associate’s degree is required to enter the field of graphic arts. Due to competition, most job searcher’s find that a bachelor’s degree gives them a decided advantage.

Individuals who are interested in teaching and instruction will need at least a bachelor’s degree while some training institutes may require advanced education and training, such as a master’s degree.

Keeping Up To Date

Graphic designers and artists are required to stay on top of changing technologies and computer assisted programs. This may require taking continuing education classes and studying industry journals and magazines.

Advancement possibilities within this industry include promotions to supervisory and management roles as well as the ability to instruct and teach after necessary education and experience requirements are met.

Individuals may also choose to open their own firms after working for awhile in another firm or corporation in order to gain necessary experience.

Graphic Design Careers

In addition to education, experience is invaluable in this field.

Many individuals become graphic artist and designer assistants following completion of their education in order to train by the side of industry experts and gain much needed experience.

Good luck in your graphic design job search!

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