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Help Desk Jobs – Helping To Solve  Computer Users Problems

Help Desk Jobs – Helping To Solve Computer Users Problems

Industry Outlook for Help Desk Jobs – The employment outlook for help desk positions is anticipated to be very strong throughout the next five to ten years.

The growth rate for this field is anticipated to grow faster than average as more organizations take on increasingly more difficult and sophisticated software.

A large portion of the explosive growth rate in this field is believed to stem from replacement positions due to the fact that a large majority of individuals employed in this industry tend to be either students or are other persons who find the flexible hours and part-time nature of this work attractive.

Type of Work Involved

As technicians quit the industry to pursue other opportunities, this will leave numerous positions to be filled.
Individuals employed in the help desk field provide technical support by interpreting and analyzing problems. Customer support for problem issues are normally handled through telephone calls answered by help desk technicians.

Help desk work tends to be inside work; however it may involve sitting at a desk and talking on the telephone for long periods of time. This type of work tends to be part-time, with several different shifts. Because of this an employee may need to work irregular hours including evenings, nights, weekends and holidays.

Help desk technicians must be able to think logically and independently while communicating effectively. They must be able to work well with fellow staff members as well as the end user.

Employment Prospects for Help Desk Jobs

Help desk technicians may be employed either directly by a software or hardware vendor or on an outsource basis. Likely employers include education and financial institutions, computer hardware and software developers and other organizations and companies that related to information systems technology.

Job Search for Help Desk Jobs

Persons interested in pursuing employment in this field will find that checking out the web sites and job boards for companies related to computer and information systems may prove to be useful in locating open positions. Networking with persons involved in this industry can also be beneficial.

Cover Letters for Help Desk Letters

The cover letter used when applying for work within this field should focus on the candidate’s dedication to customer service and any qualities are skills that might give them an edge, such as the ability to speak a foreign language.

Resumes for Help Desk Jobs

Due to the special emphasis on education and training within this field, the chronological resume is the best resume format to use when applying for this type of work. This format allows the candidate to focus on their education as well as work experience. Special skills such as foreign languages and any specialized certifications should also be highlighted.

Training & Qualifications for Help Desk Jobs

Although the employment prospects for individuals seeking work in this field are anticipated to be excellent, individuals who are bi-lingual are expected to maintain an edge over competition.

Job opportunities are also anticipated to be best for individuals with degrees,especially those with computer related degrees.

Persons interested in this field who do not possess degrees may find that real world experience can help them to get past the competition. At a minimum most employers require a high school diploma or GED with preference given to persons possess an Associate’s degree or higher in Computer Science or Information Systems.

Help Desk Careers

There is room for advancement within this field. Individuals who show responsibility and a dedication to customer service may be able to advance to a supervisory position.

Other possibilities include moving up to other positions such as computer support specialist.

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