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Hospitality Jobs – Arranging Trips And Recreational Activities

Hospitality Jobs – Arranging Trips And Recreational Activities

Industry Outlook for Hospitality Jobs – Hospitality jobs have the responsibility of assisting customers in planning and arranging trips and recreational activities.

This industry includes:

  • Travel Agents
  • Hotel Clerks & Staff
  • Flight Attendants
  • Reservation Ticket Agents

With the exception of reservation ticket agents, most positions within the field of the hospitality industry are expected to continue along a even growth path or even exceed previous standards.

Due to the strong relationship with the airline industry, which has suffered a decline since the tragedy of 9/11, career prospects for reservation ticket agents are expected to grow more slowly than they have in the past.

The career outlook for travel agents, however; is expected to grow faster during the next few years than in previous years.

Working Conditions

Many positions within the hospitality industry are expected to be available due to the fact that there is generally a high turnover rate within this field. Individuals tend to work hospitality related jobs while they pursue education in other career fields, leaving a vacancy when they resign to pursue other interests.

Workers in the hospitality and tourism industry typically work at least forty hours per more a week. Overtime is quite common as are irregular hours, evening and weekend shifts.

Salary Expectations

Individuals in this industry are likely to be paid either per the hour or by commission. Many positions may be able to collect tips in addition to their regular hourly wages.

Positions within this industry require great people and interpersonal skills as well as flexibility and the ability to remain calm under pressure. Problem solving skills are also a benefit.

Employment Prospects for Hospitality Jobs

Employment prospects in the hospitality field include a broad range of variety.

Open positions can be found in:

  • Travel agencies
  • Hotels
  • Airlines
  • Cruise lines
  • Casinos
  • Resorts

Areas that are well known as being tourist attractions tend to provide better employment opportunities than less well known locales.

The increase in popularity of the internet has also led to many interesting career prospects. Many travel agencies now work almost exclusively on-line and may offer telecommuting employment opportunities as well as more traditional means of employment.

Job Search for Hospitality Jobs

Positions within the hospitality industry can be located through a variety of means. Management type positions are more likely to be located through networking or the use of an employment or recruitment agency.

Positions that are more service related in nature can be found in classified newspaper listings, job boards, help wanted signs as well as networking.

Resumes for Hospitality Jobs

Because the hospitality and tourism industry is so broad, numerous types of resumes may be utilized when applying for positions, depending on the specific nature of the job in which the applicant is interested.

For example, positions which are more closely related to hospitality management would require a chronological or combination resume. A functional or combination resume would be suitable for service hospitality related positions.

Cover Letters for Hospitality Jobs

The cover letter used to apply for any position within the hospitality industry should focus on a strong commitment to customer service. This is usually the number one factor considered by employers when screening applicants to fill a position within this industry, along with dependability, reliability and a strong work ethic.

Training & Qualifications for Hospitality Jobs

The level of training and qualifications required to enter the hospitality industry is directly related to the position in which a job seeker is interested. Many positions within this field require no more than a high school diploma, such as various hotel clerk and staff positions.

Other positions require a high school diploma and completion of a short term training program
Flight attendant and travel agent positions both require a high school diploma and successful completion of a relevant training program.

Management Positions

Positions in management within each of these categories generally requires a bachelor’s degree. A number of universities offer programs in hospitality.

In other cases, persons may be promoted to a management or director positions after gaining a requisite amount of experience and advanced education.

Careers In Hospitality

There is a wealth of room for advancement within the hospitality and tourism industry.

Individuals may eventually own their own businesses such as resorts, clubs, restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfast inns or travel agency.

Good luck in your search for hospitality jobs!

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