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Insurance Jobs – Insuring Peoples Lives And Possessions

Insurance Jobs – Insuring Peoples Lives And Possessions

Outlook For Insurance Jobs – Insurance jobs and occupations within the insurance industry are expected to be one of the fastest growing occupations within the next several years.

It is anticipated that a large number of insurance agents will set up their own offices and firms during this time as a result of increased business.

While the position of insurance agent is by far the most commonly known position within the field of insurance, there are many other positions and job titles that work behind the scenes of the insurance industry.

Besides sales agents, other positions within the field of insurance include:

  • Underwriters
  • Actuaries
  • Claims Adjusters
  • Appraisers
  • Examiners
  • Actuaries
  • Investigators

Insurance agents are typically employed on a commission only basis and are expected, and need, to meet certain sales quotas. Agents who fail to meet those quotas often find it difficult to stay within the insurance industry and earn enough to meet their living expenses.

Working Environment

The field of insurance, regardless of type, can be quite stressful as it is often very competitive and depends on providing outstanding customer service and the ability to offer the best rates when possible.

Persons employed in the field of insurance may be required to work hours outside the normal 8 to 5 range, especially if they are employed in a call center where staff work in staggering shifts around the clock to meet the needs of consumers.

Positions such as adjustors and investigators may be especially susceptible to working irregular hours and being on call as the need arises.

Employment Prospects for Insurance Jobs

Positions in insurance are found in many different venues such as:

  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Automobile insurance
  • Long-term care
  • Disability insurance
  • Accident Insurance

There is an increasing trend toward many insurance agents also working in the field of finance by selling mutual funds, securities and retirement funds. The benefit of being able to handle their financial planning needs while taking care of insurance needs is often a great benefit for many consumers.

Insurance agencies, brokerage firms and banks are the primary employers of insurance related positions. There is an increasing trend for agents to open their own offices after they have gained experience.

Job Search for Insurance Jobs

Open positions within the field of insurance can be found in a variety of ways such as through classified newspaper listings as well as job posting boards and employment and recruitment firms.

Networking is also considered a beneficial way of learning about open positions within the field of insurance.

Resumes for Insurance Jobs

Either a chronological or combination resume will work well for candidates who are interested in working within the field of insurance. Both of these resumes focus strongly on experience and education, which are important for entry into this field.

Persons who are interested in positions of sales agents should also highlight their achievements and results in prior employment.

Cover Letters for Insurance Jobs

A strong dedication to customer service is critical within the field of insurance as well as attention to detail and the ability to achieve results. These qualities should be highlighted in the cover letter of a job seeker looking for employment in the insurance industry.

Training & Qualifications for Insurance Jobs

In past years all that was required in order to obtain a position as an insurance sales agent was a high school diploma and the ability and desire to achieve results.

Today, many firms are requiring some level of advanced education and as the industry grows more competitive, candidates with four-year degrees are likely to have better opportunities.

In response to this trend, many colleges and universities are beginning to offer insurance related courses as part of their curriculum and there are even a few colleges that offer bachelor’s degrees within the field.

Regardless of education level, all agents must obtain a license to sell insurance. Depending on the type of insurance they wish to sell, they may also require an additional license. The ability to obtain a license is generally governed by prerequisites of insurance courses and passing a written exam.

Insurance Careers

Most insurance agents are required to take part in continuing education classes in order to maintain their licensure as well as to stay on top of changes within the industry by attending seminars.

For non-insurance agent related positions such as underwriters, actuaries, claims adjustors, appraisers, examiners and investigators a minimum of a four year degree is typically required.

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