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Landscape Gardener Jobs – Careers Designing Gardens For Homes, Offices And Malls

Landscape Gardener Jobs – Careers Designing Gardens For Homes, Offices And Malls

Industry Outlook for Landscape Gardener Jobs – It is anticipated that there will be good employment opportunities for landscape gardener jobs due to the high turnover rate.

This industry tends to have a high turnover rate because some of the work is part-time and may be worked by individuals who are either pursuing other career options or leave the labor force all together.

An increased demand for landscaping services is expected to contribute to the growth rate for this industry.

They may work in:

  • Private homes
  • Office settings
  • Malls
  • Hospitals

The working environment of a landscape gardener may vary and include inside work if they are employed at an inside location; however the vast majority of the work is usually going to be outside.

Landscape gardeners are responsible for performing a variety of tasks in order to create and maintain indoor and outdoor gardens in a variety of settings.

Landscape gardeners may need to work with a variety of tools and various pieces of equipment in order to perform their job. Depending on the sector where they are employed, they may need to work weekends in order to avoid coming into contact with customers during regular business hours.

Employment Prospects for Landscape Gardener Jobs

About one-third of the individuals employed in landscaping in the US work for companies who provide landscaping and horticultural services. The majority of the remaining persons employed in this industry work for various facilities to provide landscape services directly for that business or organization.

These sites include:

  • Real estate firms
  • Recreation and amusement facilities
  • Parks
  • Local governments
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Approximately 20% of all persons engaged in the landscaping industry are self-employed.

Job Search for Landscape Gardener Jobs

Opportunities in the landscaping industry can be located in a variety of ways including through the services of an employment agency as well as the classifieds.

Word of mouth and referrals can also play a tremendous role in locating services of this type, so networking can also be a good way to locate employment opportunities.

Resumes for Landscape Gardener Jobs

A combination resume works well when applying for a position within this field; due to the fact that it combines experience and skill. The resume should focus on skills related to special equipment and any specific types of gardens or related plants. Formal training is also considered to be beneficial and should be mentioned when applicable.

Cover Letters for Landscape Gardener Jobs

References are considered to be vital to this field due to the fact that landscape gardeners and workers are often entrusted with access to private home and commercial sites. Including the reference of an individual who either referred a job seeker to an open position can be beneficial in the cover letter.

Training & Qualifications for Landscape Gardener Jobs

For entry level positions, job seekers will usually only need a high school diploma.

Some employers provide on the job training. More advanced positions, especially those involving design and supervision, will usually require the completion of a four year degree.

Training programs are offered across the country and focus on horticulture classes as well as design coursework, for those who hope to become engaged in landscape design.

Eventually, after attaining experience and skill, some landscape gardeners opt to open their own business and become self employed.

Landscaping Careers

After attaining training and experience a landscape gardener may move up to a supervisory or design position.

Some states provide certification, which can increase a candidate’s marketability and help them advance to senior positions.

Good luck in your search for landscape gardener jobs!

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