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Los Angeles Employment – Career Prospects And Top Companies For Jobs

Los Angeles Employment – Career Prospects And Top Companies For Jobs

Los Angeles Employment – Demographics

A study conducted by NPR ranked LA as the number one employment destination in America. This may have primarily been due to the fact that 5% of all the jobs within the US are located in LA.

Also the home of the 15th largest economy in the entire world.

Los Angeles is much more than a gateway to Hollywood and an easy stop on the information superhighway.

Los Angeles Employment – Economic Outlook

Historically, Los Angeles has based its economic growth on the mild climate and citrus fruit. Toward the beginning of the Twentieth century; however LA’s reputation as an agricultural center began to shift somewhat.

The entire state had begun to develop somewhat of a different reputation with the discovery of oil and as the motion picture industry established itself in California, just outside Los Angeles, the city quickly earned itself the nickname of ‘Tinseltown.’

In addition, due to the fact Los Angeles’ man made harbor is now one of the busiest shipping ports in the US it has become a major center for manufacturing, shipping and to a great extent finance. The city’s close proximity to the ocean and the beautiful climate also make a it a favorite vacation spot and much of the income received in the area is derived from tourism.

The largest employers in the immediate Los Angeles area are primarily related to the business and management sectors. Health services, international trade and investment also contribute their part to the employment prospects for Los Angeles.

In the past few years, Los Angeles has seen some disappointments in the defense-related manufacturing area. While the overall number of jobs within this sector have decreased; other areas have seen tremendous increases. The sector known as the crafts industry, which comprises furniture, apparel and jewelry has witnessed a significant amount of growth and appears to be conditioned for tremendous future economic growth as well.

Job seekers should not completely write off the defense sector in Los Angeles; however. There has been some indication that the poor activity in this area are ending due to increased federal defense spending.

Los Angeles Employment – Major Employers

Major employers in the Los Angeles area include:

  • Bank of America
  • The Boeing Company
  • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
  • City of Los Angeles
  • County of Los Angeles
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Northrop Grumman Corp.
  • United States Federal Government
  • University of California
  • Los Angeles University of Southern California
  • Walt Disney Company
  • A-Mark Financial
  • California Dairies, Inc.

Los Angeles Employment – Fastest Growing Companies

In addition to long time established companies which have provided a large portion of the employment in the LA area in the last few years there are also several companies which are positioned to be the fastest growing companies:

Security Finance Associates Earl Jeans Co.U.S. Marketing and Promotions Platinum Equity Market Scan Information Systems EPI Enterprises, Inc.

Facts About L.A

Los Angeles is without a doubt the largest and most well known city in California. It also ranks as the second largest urban area in the US.

According to recent statistics, the population of Los Angeles is so large it outshines the entire populations of more than 40 entire states within the nation.

Nestled in the southern portion of California on the Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles is a beacon to those who crave the California sunshine and hope to break into acting as well as those who want to position themselves close to Silicon Valley.

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