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Mining Jobs – Careers in Extracting Coal, Minerals And Metals From the Earth

Mining Jobs – Careers in Extracting Coal, Minerals And Metals From the Earth

Industry Outlook for Mining Jobs – The outlook for mining jobs is fairly positive, although the job market for miners is relatively small.

The mining field is one of the smallest industries in the US, employing only about 5,000 individuals.

Despite the fact that such a small percentage of the overall workforce is employed within the mining industry, it is anticipated that employment opportunities within this field will be on the rise throughout at least the next five years.

This is primarily due to the fact that a significant number of mining engineers are approaching retirement age.

Another factor is the anticipation that the relatively few number of mining schools across the country will be turning out fewer and fewer graduates.

Working Environment

This occupation is known to be dangerous; despite the stringent health and safety requirements the government enforces to prevent injuries. Working spaces may be confined, noisy and subject to various climates.

Mining is an occupation that has existed for quite some time; however today miners and engineers use sophisticated equipment in order to find, extract and prepare:

  • Minerals
  • Metals
  • Coal

Employment Prospects for Mining Jobs

Mining and geology careers tend to be clustered within specific segments such as coal, metal and copper. Individuals who work within this occupation may work as safety engineers, who are responsible for insuring the overall safety of mining environments in order to meet State and Federal regulations.

Most individuals employed in the mining industry engage in activities related directly to mining and extraction.

Other possible positions include operators for:

  • Cutting machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Loading
  • Shuttle cars

Individuals who work with these pieces of equipment are responsible for stripping and drilling in order to access the materials being mined. Loading machine and shuttle car operators then take over the process to load and transport materials to the surface.

Other individuals who work in the mining industry include:

  • Safety inspectors
  • Shift supervisors

Job Search for Mining Jobs

Employment opportunities in the mining industry can be found largely through networking and word of mouth as well as utilization of union job search services; as this industry is generally covered by union membership.

In some cases, employment prospects may also be located in classified listings and advertisements in trade journals.

Resumes for Mining Jobs

Due to the changing needs of the mining industry, the combination resume is a good compromise when applying for jobs within this field. The combination resume allows the job seeker to focus on both education and actual work skills; both of which are important in this industry.

Cover Letters for Mining Jobs

Due to the fact that it is subject to so many government regulations regarding safety, an important aspect to focus on in cover letters directed to the mining industry is the subject of health and safety records. It would also be beneficial for applicants to mention how they learned of the position and to play up any specialized training they may have received.

Training & Qualifications for Mining Jobs

For the most part, individuals who are employed in mining are required to be at least 18 years of age and be able to meet the physical demands of the job. A high school diploma may or may not be required. Individuals may start out as helpers or apprentices and move up as they gain experience and knowledge.

In some cases, persons may attend formal training schools; although there are relatively few of these scattered across the country.

As the mining industry begins to rely more heavily on sophisticated computer equipment, more and more employers are finding that they need employees who have received a minimum of training in order to correctly operate the equipment.

Miners undergo continual training, especially in regards to workplace health and safety. Degrees in engineering and physical sciences are looked upon favorably.

Mining Careers

Individuals who gain experience and knowledge may be promoted to advanced positions and receive increased pay as well as responsibility.

Applicants are usually required to have a master’s degree in order to enter professional and managerial mining positions.

Good luck in your search for mining jobs!

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