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Professional Entertainers – Careers as Actors, Musicians, Singers, Directors And Comedians

Professional Entertainers – Careers as Actors, Musicians, Singers, Directors And Comedians

Industry Outlook for Professional Entertainers – The entertainment industry is extremely diverse, with occupations for professional entertainers ranging from artists to writers and everything in between.

This is an extremely popular field for individuals to try to get into because of the high salary hype that is commonly associated with professional athletes, comedians, actors and singers.

While well known career entertainers do commonly make millions per year; these positions are extremely hard to break into. It is much more common for an individual enjoy a slightly better than average salary, if they can find full time employment.

Professional entertainers rarely work a regular 40 hour work week. The entertainment industry quite frequently involves working overtime, holidays, nights and weekends.

While the job can be exhilarating and adventurous, it can also be extremely stressful due to the fact that most entertainers never know where they will find their next gig.

Regardless of the specific entertainment industry, almost all entertainers must travel at least some of the time. Even writers, who are commonly able to work from the comfort of their home, may be required to travel in order to get an angle on a story or visit a location for firsthand experience.

Economic Factors

It is hard to predict what the level of growth will be in the next decade for entertainment positions

The economy can certainly have an effect on the field because this industry is highly dependent on the amount of disposable cash available to the public to pay for their services.

Employment Prospects for Professional Entertainers

Music – Employment prospects in the music industry are far reaching. Persons interested in this line of work may find employment in local clubs in addition to standing in for more well known musicians and singers. Employment prospects can also be found in concert halls, theaters and orchestras. One of the largest employers for musicians and singers are religious organizations. There is extreme competition in this field.

Film & Stage – Actors and directors can find work in local, regional and national levels of film, radio, stage and television. Most acting jobs are performed on a short term basis only and the services of an agent can be indispensable in locating employment. Cruise lines, theme parks, summer festivals and dinner theaters are common employment prospects for both actors and directors.

Writers – Of all entertainment positions, writing is the one most likely to require a college degree or beyond. About 30% of writers find work through self-employment and freelancing opportunities; working on short term writing assignments for a variety of employers. Other employment prospects include newspapers, magazine and periodical publishers, advertising and marketing agencies as well as political, government and religious organizations.

Job Search for Professional Entertainers

Job seekers looking for work in one of the many entertainment industries most commonly find work through the services of an agent. This is a form of professional networking where the agent is paid a fee to use their connections to locate employment for the job seeker.

Many job seekers prefer to go it on their own without using the services of an agent, however; this can be much more difficult if the candidate does not have the right industry connections. Occasionally music and acting positions will be posted in the classified section of the newspaper; if local talent is needed. Since, competition is so fierce, however; this is rarely this case.

Cover Letters for Professional Entertainers

Since the entertainment industry is so competitive the cover letter needs to really catch the attention of the person making the hiring decision. In most cases, the job seeker will have been referred by an agent or industry insider and so it is quite appropriate to mention that fact.

Most entertainment cover letters will need to be sent along with clips of some kind. For actors and actresses, this is usually in the form of head shots-photographs. Writers typically send along copies of their previously published pieces.

Resumes for Professional Entertainers

The entertainment industry tends to be a bit creative; as opposed to more conservative occupations. Due to this fact, job seekers can afford to step away from the traditional chronological resume. There is certain information that must be included on any entertainer’s resume, however; regardless of what industry they work in.

Other than the standard contact, objective and education experience; the resume must list information regarding the candidate’s prior achievements.

This is usually where most people will include work experience, however since the entertainment industry is a little different, this section will also be different. Instead of an employer and job duties; this section for an entertainer will list their last gig and relevant information such as genre is they are a musician or writer and type of performance if they are an actor.

Training & Qualifications for Professional Entertainers

The training and qualifications required for most entertainment positions vary, depending on the specific industry; however competition tends to be fierce in all entertainment related industries.

Regardless of industry, most entertainers begin studying their specialty at a very young age and many take private lessons from individuals considered to be masters in their fields. A college degree may or may not be required for the position, depending upon the employer.

Professional Entertainers

Practice and rehearsal is a must for all entertainers. Many professional entertainers continue to seek the advice and training of superiors in their field, even after they are established in their own careers.

Good luck in your search for a professional entertainers career!

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