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Quality Control Jobs Ensuring Consumer Safety

Quality Control Jobs Ensuring Consumer Safety

Industry Outlook for Quality Control Jobs – As the public grows more concerned with the safety of the products and services they purchase, it is anticipated that the growth rate for quality control jobs will continue growing at an average pace throughout the next decade.

Most of the regulations regarding quality control are issued by the federal government through various agencies who have the responsibility of insuring that products and services are within guidelines to remain safe and prevent harm.

The primary role of an individual involved in quality control is to insure that harm is prevented to consumers.
Quality control related positions may require travel and in some cases individuals may be required to relocate for positions.

Depending on the employer and the exact type of work the individual is engaged in, long hours may be a part of the job. It is not uncommon for quality control employees to work staggered shifts.

Employment Prospects for Quality Control Jobs

A large majority of all individuals employed in the field of quality control, almost half in fact, are employed on some level by a governmental agency.

Besides the federal government, manufacturing firms also provide a significant amount of employment in the quality control field.

Other employment prospects include:

  • Hospitals
  • Utility companies
  • Educational facilities
  • Communication services
  • Organizations involved in scientific activities

Job Search for Quality Control Jobs

The way in which open quality control positions are made known greatly depends on the employer as there are a significant amount of such positions related to government employment, job seekers can usually find openings on government job bank sites as well as through classified newspaper listings, in some cases.

Manufacturing firms and other employers are more likely to use a variety of tools in order to post openings and recruit new hires. As with most jobs, the value of networking cannot be underestimated.

Resumes for Quality Control Jobs

Due to the volume of education and experience that is generally required for employment in the quality control field, a chronological resume is the preferred resume type for use when searching for this type of employment.

The chronological resume allows the job seeker to focus on those two critical areas and allows the employer to view the strength of the job seeker’s employment history.

Cover Letters for Quality Control Jobs

The cover letter a job applicant uses to apply for a quality control position should reflect the candidate’s strong attention to detail and accuracy, as these are two traits that are most in demand for quality control workers. The cover letter should also reflect the work experience and education expressed in the job seeker’s resume.

Training & Qualifications for Quality Control Jobs

Almost all employers require at least a four year degree for an entry level quality control position. Depending on the specific position a candidate is interested in prior work experience may also be required.

Universities may or may not offer degrees that are specifically related to the field of quality control. Some colleges do offer degree programs which are related to occupational health and safety standards and these types of programs can be very beneficial for quality control work.


Persons who are interested in obtaining work in research labs at any number of manufacturing firms, such as pharmaceutical companies, for example; will generally need an graduate degree as well as a minimum amount of field work experience.

A related degree in subjects such as chemistry may also be required.

Ongoing Education

On-going education is a strong component in quality control related work. Employees in this field will generally be required to stay on top of changing regulations by reading industry reports and manuals as well as attending training, conferences and seminars.

Individuals who are interested in quality control work can best prepare for this industry by studying science related courses such as:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics

Quality Control

Statistics is generally considered a key element in quality control work. There is room for advancement within this field, especially for persons performing quality control work for the government.

Advanced positions usually come with a greater amount of responsibility as well as increased pay and benefits. Further education and training as well as a requisite amount of work experience may be required in order to be considered for promotion.

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