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Eight Essential Questions to Ask at An Interview

Eight Essential Questions to Ask at An Interview

Prepare Your Questions to Ask at An Interview

It’s important to consider the questions to ask at an interview, well in advance.

Invariably, when you are about to close an interview the employer will ask whether you have any questions.

If you have not taken the time to prepare questions ahead of time, and bring them with you in a notebook or portfolio, chances are you are going to be caught off guard and not be able to appropriately respond.

Raising Questions to Ask at An Interview

Having no questions to ask at an interview leads the employer to believe you are not interested in the position and can result in your not moving forward in the hiring process.

To avoid this risk, it is always best to prepare a few well thought out questions ahead of time so that when the employer does give you a turn, you will be able to pose intelligent and meaningful questions.

Type of Questions to Ask at An Interview

The type of questions you should ask during the interview should be focused on the job and duties related to the job. While you are naturally curious about pay and benefits, it’s not a good idea to pose these questions during the interview.

These types of questions should only be asked when you are actually offered the position. Asking questions ahead of time puts you in a precarious situation with the employer, one where they may re-think hiring you at all.

Questions to Ask at An Interview #1

“Has this position been recently created?”

This question gives you an idea of whether or not you will be filling someone else’s shoes and possibly expected to live up to a former employee’s standards. Other ways to form this question include: Is this a new position? and How long has this position been in existence?

Questions to Ask at An Interview #2

“How did this position come about?”

This type of question tips you off to whether your predecessor chose to leave voluntarily, was terminated or possibly promoted. Depending on how the employer replies, you may or may not get an idea; but sometimes you can read between the lines.

Questions to Ask at An Interview #3

“What type of training will the successful candidate receive?”

Keep in mind that it is perfectly acceptable to expect that there will be some initial training involved. Even individuals who have worked in one industry for a number of years must receive some initial training when they begin work for a new company due to differences in the way companies work as well as different software programs, etc.

Questions to Ask at An Interview #4

“What is the length of tenure for the average employee with this organization”

This allows you to find out whether employees tend to stay at the company for a long time or if there is a high degree of turnover. Turnover isn’t necessarily bad; it’s quite common in some industries. However, depending on the industry and situation, it can be an indication that there is a problem with the relationship between management and staff.

Questions to Ask at An Interview #5

“What qualities and skills are you looking for in a successful candidate?”

Since many companies complete two and three rounds of interviews before making a hiring decision, the information you gain in response to this question can help you in subsequent interviews.

Questions to Ask at An Interview #6

“Does the company offer opportunities for professional growth and development?”

A company that offers numerous programs for the growth and professional development of their employees are generally good companies to work for. It shows they stand behind their staff and are willing to go the extra mile to help them perform better.

Questions to Ask at An Interview #7

“Are there opportunities for advancement within the company?”

If you are particularly ambitious, this is a question you must ask at all interviews; otherwise you may end up spinning your wheels while employed for that company, wishing you could get a promotion.

Questions to Ask at An Interview #8

“How soon do you anticipate making a hiring decision?”

No one wants to be kept hanging, waiting to find out about the results of a job interview. Most employers are astute enough to realize this and will let candidates know the time frame for the decision making process; however if they don’t, go ahead and ask them.

Remember that it’s impolite to begin lobbing questions to the employer the moment you walk in the door.

At some point during the interview the employer will most likely give you an opportunity to ask questions. If that doesn’t happen, it is still perfectly okay for you to go ahead and pose your questions; however, wait until the end of the interview to do so.

Don’t forget the questions to ask at an interview!

Interview Questions

Most job seekers go to their interviews fully prepared to answer a whole range of likely questions.

However, many fall down when the interviewer asks if they have any questions.

You need to satisfy yourself that the company / job is suitable for you and this is your opportunity to find out.

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