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The Importance of Your Resume Cover Page

The Importance of Your Resume Cover Page

People always complain of the little space they have in their resume in order to present all their accomplishments and skills, but still repeat the same information from the resume in the resume cover page.

This is one mistake most people make. Instead of falling in the same tramp and make your resume rather boring, you should learn how to make a resume cover page which will attract the attention of the employer towards the resume.

What Is a Resume Cover Page?

The resume cover page is also known under the name of resume cover letter and it is a precursor of the resume. It is intended to give the employer a good idea about why he should read your resume. Also, it should highlight some of your features which recommend you as the key person for the position you are aiming at.

Thus, the resume cover letter should neither be a copy of what you have already written in your resume, nor should it be a different letter, which should have no connection with the resume.

If it has crossed your mind that the resume cover page is just a formality and nobody will ever take a look at it, but rather pass directly to the resume, think again. Most employers do not even bother to read a resume if the resume cover page which accompanies it is not appealing enough.

This is why, you will have to put all your effort in writing a cover letter which will let the employer craving for more, wanting to see more of you, and thus making him read your resume and even call you for an interview.

Keep It Short

To have such great results, you have to keep your resume cover page short. They do not call it “page” for nothing! In fact, if you manage to write less than one page on your cover letter, it will be perfect. Include in it only the things are really important, such as the reasons for you think you are great for that job and some outstanding results which qualify you for that position.

You can also include some amazing features you have, but because of the lack of space could not be included in the resume.

Start your resume cover page in an original and surprising way. Phrases like “I think I am the right person for this job because‚Ķ” will not make you stand out from the crowd. Instead of using stereotypical phrases, try to find your own formulations to show how good you are for the specific position.

Resume Cover Page – Help

Avoid overusing the personal pronoun “I” and replace it with action words which will give a better representation of your activity.

This way you will make a good impression on the hiring manager and have great chance of being one of the lucky ones whose resumes are read and who are selected for an interview.

The resume cover page can make a huge difference between the candidates.

Make sure that this difference is in your favor by writing a short, yet informative and appealing cover letter.

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