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Proven Resume Writing Tips That Get You More Job Interviews

Proven Resume Writing Tips That Get You More Job Interviews

6 Steps To Writing The Perfect Resume… and assist in overcoming the daunting task of building an impressive resume to earn an interview.

What was recommended five years ago, even one year ago, may no longer be appropriate. Most people understand a resume should contain their contact information as well as work history and education information.

However, they fail to realize that many resume writing tips change from time to time. It is imperative to job search success for a smart job seeker to stay on top of current resume writing tips and guidelines.

Finding the most current resume tips can be fairly easy to accomplish; there is an endless amount of resume help to be found free of charge on the internet (like this one!). Following are a few of the best and most up to date resume writing tips:

Tip #1 – Resume Objective Writing

One of the most common mistakes people make when writing a resume is failing to include an objective; or making the objective statement too broad.

The objective tells the employer exactly what type of work you want to do. A resume without an objective sends the wrong message to the employer; it says you aren’t goal oriented.

If you are interested in several types of work, tailor your resumes to specific jobs. In today’s competitive job market, it is no longer enough to have one generic resume. Your portfolio should include several resumes, each one tailored for a specific type of work that interests you.

Tip #2 – Not Too Much Personal Information

Another common mistake people continue to make on resumes is including too much information, especially when it relates to personal details such as age and marital status.

In today’s age of discrimination lawsuits, this is information the employer does not want to know. All they really need to know is if you have the experience, education and skills to successful handle the job.

Tip #3 – Writing Resumes For Results Not Activities

Your resume should be results oriented, not activity oriented. A few succinct lines that discuss your accomplishments tell an employer more than a full page listing activities.

Perhaps you created a new system to solve a problem in a recent or past position and successfully implemented it. The result was an increase in productivity or sales.

This is the type of information an employer wants to see-employers want energetic, creative problem solvers.

Tip #4 – Resume Reference Writing

Many job seekers believe they should include references on a resume. This is not true. Nor should you include ‘Reference available upon request.’ The employer assumes that if they contact you and request references, you will provide them.

Tip #5 – Effective Strategies To Justify Gaps in Your Work History

Don’t leave gaps in your resume. Perhaps you were out of the workforce for a time due to parenting, illness or school. Don’t just simply skip over it.

Employers are very interested in seeing a stable work history and they will zero in on any gaps in time that are not clearly covered on your resume.

There are ways to professionally state you dedicated two years to being a full-time mom. An employer will respect the fact that you professionally included that information rather than tried to hide it.

Tip #6 – Including Contact Information On Your Resume

If you are currently employed, do not list your employer’s phone number as a contact number unless you have been completely upfront with them in regards to your search for a new job and it will be acceptable for you to take a brief phone call at work.

Receiving a phone call at your current job regarding a new job, when you haven’t told your boss you’re looking around is career suicide.

Building an Impressive Resume Can Be a Daunting Task

Resume writing tips can help you improve your resume. You can use resume writing tips to fix up your resume, so that the resume you present to employers does not have any mistakes and is of professional quality.

An important resume writing tip is to start writing your resume as early as possible. Building a resume is an on-going process, changing as you gain more experience and knowledge. You should keep updating your resume from time to time.

First thing to do when building your resume is to choose from the following formats:

  • Reverse Chronological Format
  • Functional Format
  • Combination Format

If you are changing career fields, the functional resume format may be a good choice.

The way you word your resume is very important and can convey a lot of information to the employer. Here are some important resume writing tips on wording to consider.

Have your resume wording focused on the employer. Impress him by telling him what you can do for him. Highlight your accomplishments in previous jobs to convince the employer and seal the deal.

Use action words to describe your accomplishment and previous job responsibilities. Some examples are: assembled, evaluated, negotiated, supervised, etc.

Here are some resume writing tips to quickly spruce up your resume:

  • Remove any unnecessary wording and be concise.
  • Add bullets and formatting to make it more easily readable.
  • If there are smudges get a new paper.
  • Highlight your name and section headings.

Reorganize the order of your resume and prioritize the placement of job skills and experience that would be most interesting to the specific job you are applying for.

Tried & Tested Tips That Professional Resume Writers Use

  • Do not lie or distort the truth. You will be more comfortable on your interview if your resume is truthful.
  • Remove any negative information from your resume.
  • Remove any unnecessary information such as age, marital status, race, weight, etc.
  • Check your resume for spelling mistakes. Employers disregard a high percentage of resumes just because of spelling mistakes.

Always Be Sure to Get Your Resume Critiqued

Sometimes you may overlook mistakes in your work no matter how many times you proofread it. You know what you wanted to say when you wrote the resume and so it will be difficult to pick out any confusing statements.

If you can get your resume read by a professional service, that would be the best thing to do. You should also consider asking family or friends to give you an honest critique.

Many colleges continue to offer career services to students even after they graduate. Contact your college to find out if any services are available. Most likely they can provide resume help free of any charge.

“Resume Writing Methods … See What The Professionals Do”

Writing resumes has never been easier… learn the proven methods used by the professionals.

A winning resume is expressive and concise. A bit of sound advice to keep in mind when crafting a winning resume is that a resume does not need to be wordy in order to showcase your talents and skills.

The idea that you must hold onto the same tired foundation and format is no longer true. In today’s job market you can feel free to be more expressive and unique; truly projecting your individuality.

This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. A few well crafted sentences can go a long way toward setting you apart from the crowd of other job seekers.

Use These Highly Effective Tips

Bulleted items, instead of lengthy paragraphs, can especially assist in drawing the eye toward your unique abilities. The use of tinted professional resume paper can make your resume stand out from the stack, even before the recruiter picks it up to read it.

Remember, you have one, and only one, opportunity to impress the employer enough that he or she puts down your resume with the idea that they absolutely must interview you.

That goal is worthy enough of spending a little extra time on the resumes you create

There is no better way of honing your writing skills than by studying examples of well written resumes. To assist you with this, I have summarized below, some specific features of ten real life samples. By clicking on the links you can see the whole resume with detailed analysis of the key features.

If you specialize in any specific area, you should ensure that this is included in your resume…. see beating the screening process.

Whenever specific training or certification is needed to pursue a career in a particular field, it is important to list the relevant skills you have attained.

To get you started quickly, here are some more tips on writing a great resume:

Introduction to Resume Writing

How to Stand Out From the Crowd

What Employers Want to See

Finding Inspiration

Using Power Words

Printing Your Resume

You should laser print your resume on neat white paper and when sending by mail, do not fold your resume.

Creating a resume can sometimes seem an overwhelming task. Fortunately there are a lot of free sources where you can get help writing your resume.

There are many good resume writing sources available on the web that can offer you free resume writing tips.

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