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Sample Accounting Cover Letter Format Opens Doors To Job Interviews

Sample Accounting Cover Letter Format Opens Doors To Job Interviews

Sample Accounting Cover Letter – When preparing an accounting cover letter it is imperative that several critical areas are covered.

First, it is important to let the employer know how you learned about the position.

In some cases, the employer may not actually have a position open and you will simply be sending a resume and cover letter to the employer to keep on file, just in case.

The sample accounting cover letter below is based on this type of situation.

Secondly, you must detail why you’re interested in the position. In the sample cover letter below the candidate mentions that a position with the company in question interests him because of his interest in the specialty field in which the company focuses.

It is also important to note information not included in your resume and ask for an interview.

The following accountant cover letter clearly utilizes these elements while also indicating the candidate has taken the time to do some research on the company be mentioning a special project headed by the company.

Accounting Resume Cover Letter Sample

Geoffrey Wendell
3467 E. 67th Street
Jacksonville, FL 55555

March 6, 2007

Mr. Harrington
Harrington & Harrington
2801 Sunshine Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 55555

Dear Mr. Harrington:

Perhaps you are seeking an addition to your accounting team. A new person can provide innovative approaches to your accounting needs. You will discover from the enclosed resume that I have experience in many areas of accounting.

My background, skills and talents are focused in one direction – keeping immaculate care of my company’s books. Throughout the last several years, I have assisted in bringing companies into the 21st century, changing from the “ledger book” mentality to the more efficient computer “spreadsheet” mentality. With my strict attention to detail, this process is helping my current company through its hostile takeover by a competitor.

Combining my two major interests, accounting and the tourist industry would be a dream come true. I have an extensive collection of Florida tourist memorabilia, and I am one of Jacksonville’s biggest supporters of Operation Beach Saver.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking with you further and will contact you during the week of March 11th to further discuss how my experience and abilities could benefit your organization.


Geoffrey Wendell

Cover Letter Tips

Always remember to close your cover letter with a strong conclusion.

In the sample accounting cover letter provided, the candidate takes initiative and states that he will be in contact with the employer; further underlining his interest.

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