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Sample Agriculture Cover Letter Format Opens Doors To Job Interviews

Sample Agriculture Cover Letter Format Opens Doors To Job Interviews

Agriculture Cover Letter Sample – Experience tends to be a strong point when applying for many agriculture related positions, particularly if you are applying for a supervisory or management position.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to make sure your cover letter highlights your best qualifications, including relevant experience. The sample agriculture cover letter below does this very well.

Notice in the above sample agriculture cover letter how the applicant mentions not only his prior work experience but also his experience with 4-H.

This, along with the applicant’s admission that he has worked in another field but found it lacking, demonstrates his true passion for the field.

The applicant summarizes the cover letter by letting the employer know that he will be in touch within a few days if he has not heard from the employer by that time.

This lets the employer know how interested the applicant is in the position and also that he is willing to take initiative – a good quality for a prospective supervisor.

Example of Agricultural Cover Letter

Jeremy Lake
232Wilkshire Lane
Kenosha, WI 55555

November 21, 2007

Mr. Howard Jenkins
Jenkins Dairy
2360 Sparrow Lane
Kenosha, WI 55555

Dear Mr. Jenkins:

In response to your recent advertisement in the Kenosha Chronicle, please accept this letter and resume in application for the dairy supervisor position. My resume is enclosed for your consideration.

My resume describes my specific responsibilities at Horton Dairy and my capabilities in the areas of training and supervision, working with animals and repairing machinery.

However, I would also like to mention that my experience with dairy farming dates back to childhood when I spent summers working at my uncle’s farm. At that time I was an active member of the 4-H Society, and some of the cows I raised won blue ribbons.

After a brief period trying another trade (construction), I realized that my heart was in dairy farming. I am eager to continue progressing in the field and believe I would be an asset to Jenkins Dairy as the supervisor.

I hope to have the opportunity to talk with you soon. If I have not heard from you by the end of next week, I will contact you.


Jeremy Lake

Enclosure: Resume

Agricultural Cover Letter Tips

As with any cover letter, it’s also important to make sure you let the employer know how you learned of the open position.

If it was through a classified advertisement, go ahead and state that up front in your opening paragraph.

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