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Sample Aviation Resume Format Creates Avalanches Of Job Interviews

Sample Aviation Resume Format Creates Avalanches Of Job Interviews

Aviation Resume Samples Job seekers applying in the aviation field will need to use a chronological resume with a few special features.

As the aviation industry is a professional field the chronological resume works well because it focuses strongly on education and work experience.

The difference between the aviation resume presented below and traditional chronological resumes is that this resume allows for special features such as certificates, ratings and training.

As this information is imperative for a licensed pilot, it is presented prior to work experience.

The sample aviation resume presented above also focuses on flight time in various categories.

This can be crucial when applying for a position in the aviation field.

Sample Aviators Resume

Justin Smith
2903 Lakeview Road
Chicago, IL 55555

Corporate Pilot or charter pilot position

Highlights of Qualifications
Highly skilled professional pilot with excellent communication and leadership skills

Certificates and Ratings

  • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate #1945897
  • Airline Single and Multiengine Land,CE-500, CE-750, Commercial Privileges Glider
  • Gold Seal Flight Instructor Certificate #1956345CFl
  • Airplane Single and Multiengine, Instrumental Airplane, Glider
  • Ground Instructor Certificate #1990405
  • Instrument Ground Instructor, Advanced Ground Instructor

Flight Times

  • Total – 18,345
  • Turboprop – 7,968
  • Night – 3,567
  • PIC – 17,456
  • Turbojet – 1,890
  • Actual – 1,456
  • AsCFI – 4,679
  • Retractable – 12,456
  • Hood/Sim – 118/415

Employment History

Chicago Aviation; Chicago, IL September 2001-Present
Chief Pilot, CE-750, CE-208

  • Windy City Aviation, Inc.; Chicago, IL 1998 to2001
  • Chief Pilot, FAA Check Airman CE-750;


Chicago Flights Chicago, IL 2002
Cessna 750

  • Chicago Flights Chicago, IL 1998
  • Piper

Aviation Resume Tips

Job seekers should also be sure to mention other important areas such as their instrument ratings.

These will help to push job applicants over the top, particularly in fields that could be highly competitive.

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