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Sample Bartenders Cover Letter Format Opens Doors To Job Interviews

Sample Bartenders Cover Letter Format Opens Doors To Job Interviews

Bartender Cover Letter Secrets – The bartender cover letter example below begins with a standard introduction regarding how the applicant learned of the open position.

However, the applicant immediately sets out to pique the employer’s interest by letting him know exactly why the job caught his own attention.

The applicant then highlights his best qualities, including prior experience and training. This is an excellent way to include information that cannot be easily included in a resume.

The applicant also ensures that the focus remains on how his experience can benefit the employer.

The candidate in the following bartenders cover letter concludes by offering to meet with the employer so that he can get a feel for his personality.

This lets the employer know that the candidate is well aware of the dynamics which must be involved in order to create a good relationship between bartenders and patrons in order to generate successful business.

Such an offer can provide a competitive edge to this applicant over other candidates. The candidate in this cover letter clearly demonstrates his experience, training and confidence; all of which are important assets in this industry.

Sample Bartenders Cover Letter

Gregory Honeycutt
32 Beachside Way
Venice, CA 55555

July 16, 2007

Mr. Walt Simmons
Hiring Manager
Venice Bar and Grille
2356 Sunset Blvd.
Venice, CA 55555

Dear Mr. Simmons:

Your advertisement for a bartender in the Venice Daily News piqued my interest. I live within just a few minutes of your establishment, have a certification from San Francisco Bartending School and have developed a reputation for having excellent people skills.

My previous employers have noted that I have a talent for making pleasant conversation with patrons while at the same time keeping a close eye on their behavior to ensure a pleasant environment for everyone. It would be my goal to bring these same attributes to your establishment while ensuring no one under age is served.

As you know, professional bartenders are an important asset to any restaurant and bar. I believe my experience and training make me a top candidate. I would be happy to meet with you in person to answer any questions you may have about my experience as well as to give you an opportunity to determine how my personality would work with your valued patrons.

Please call 555-555-1212 for an appointment that will work with your schedule. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Gregory Honeycutt

Enclosure: Resume

Bartender Cover Letter Tips

This is your opportunity to sell yourself to your prospective employer. You need to convince them that you not only have all the right experience, but also will fit into the bar team.

As you will be dealing with customers and sometimes handling difficult situations, you must demonstrate these skills in your bartender cover letter.

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