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Sample Chefs Cover Letter Format Opens Doors To Job Interviews

Sample Chefs Cover Letter Format Opens Doors To Job Interviews

Chefs Cover Letter Samples – The importance of experience cannot be stressed enough when it comes to applying for a chef position.

This industry tends to place a strong emphasis on experience as well as education.

In the sample chefs cover letter below the applicant starts off by letting the employer know how she learned of the open position-through the newspaper.

She then goes on to detail her experience and explains exactly why she should be considered a top candidate for the job.

Notice how she mentions her tenure at an exclusive restaurant as well as the fact that she has experience creating new recipes as well as preparing existing recipes.

Cover Letter Samples For Chefs

Jessica Horton
3905 Courtland Manor Rd
Albany, NY 55555

September 25, 2007

Mr. Randall Smyth
The Tea Room
256 Montrose Blvd
Albany, NY

Dear Mr. Smyth:

Having heard so much about the fine cuisine at The Tea Room, I was intrigued to see your advertisement for a pastry chef in the Albany News.

I am very interested in being considered for the position and believe that I have the experience and skills necessary to be a top candidate. I have worked for several years as the pastry chef of Montblanc’s Restaurant, considered to be one of the top two restaurants in Albany.

I have created new recipes and designs that were well-received by our patrons, and our pastry orders have increased by 40% over a 4-year period.

I would consider it an honor to be associated with The Tea Room and hope to have the opportunity to meet or talk with you in the very near future.


Robin Altman

Enclosure: Resume

The applicant in the above sample chefs resume also plays up on the opportunity to mention her accomplishments. In this case she cites specific numbers by mentioning that orders at her current place of employment have risen by 40% over the time period in which she has worked there.

This is a powerful way to draw a prospective employer’s attention. She sums up the cover letter by reiterating what an honor it would be to work at the exclusive restaurant along with her hope that she will have an opportunity to interview soon.

Chef Cover Letter Tips

It is imperative to make sure that the cover letter you write lets the employer know in no uncertain terms that you have a strong combination of experience and education.

Also, make sure that you only include information that directly relates to the employers requirements.

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