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Sample Clergy Cover Letter Format Opens Doors To Job Interviews

Sample Clergy Cover Letter Format Opens Doors To Job Interviews

Clergy Cover Letter Samples – Experience is an important element when applying for a clergy position.

As the clergy cover letter example below demonstrates it is imperative that the cover letter summarize the applicant’s experience and education, if applicable.

This cover letter is a bit different than many in that instead of beginning by mentioning how the applicant learned of the position; in this case the applicant is following up on a previous communication.

From there the applicant goes on to reference his resume as well as sample sermon tapes he has included with the cover letter.

In this sample clergy cover letter the applicant mentions the growth of his current church and how this growth has enabled his experience to expand.

In conclusion in the above sample clergy cover letter the applicant requests the search committee to let him know if he can provide any further information; which is a good way to invite further communication regarding the position.

Cover Letter Samples For Clerics

Stanley Hall
2345 Canyon Hills Rd
Phoenix, AZ 55555

August 4, 2007

Mr. Phillip Burrows
Chair, Pastoral Search Committee
Mesa Verde Church of Christ
2309 Sonoran Hills Rd
Mesa Verde, AZ 55555

Dear Mr. Burrows:

Thank you for sending me information about your church and inquiring about my interest in applying for the position of senior pastor. As you can see by my enclosed resume and audio tapes of sermons, I am indeed interested in the position.

Since Canyon Hills Church of Christ now has a congregation of about 275 people, I have had experiences in just about all aspects of church life. Helping to grow a church of initially 125 people gave me the opportunity to test my strong belief in the full involvement of lay people.

The “test” worked well, so that building lay involvement will continue to be one of the focuses of my ministry at any church that I serve.

As my resume indicates, I also have experience in the broader Christian community through chairing both the denomination’s recent regional assembly and Canyon Hills’ Inter faith Council.

Please let me know if there is other information the search committee would like me to send. Also, please thank Marian Dowden for recommending my name to the search committee. Marian was certainly a faithful Christian and church member here in Phoenix before her move to Mesa Verde.

Respectfully yours,

Stanley Hall

Enclosures: Resume and Audio Tapes

Clergy Cover Letter Tips

In the example provided, he mentions how he learned of the position; through a former member of his congregation.

This can be beneficial when applying for such a position, as it immediately creates a ‘link’ with the search committee.

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