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Sample Clerical Cover Letter Format Opens Doors To Job Interviews

Sample Clerical Cover Letter Format Opens Doors To Job Interviews

Clerical Cover Letter Samples – While in most cases, cover letters will be addressed to a specific prospective employer, in other instances this may vary.

This can often be the case when responding to a job advertisement in the newspaper.

In such an instance it is particularly important to make sure that you reference the ad number in the heading to ensure proper delivery; as the newspaper likely receives numerous replies regarding many different employment advertisements.

Since the applicant in this sample is applying for a position which they learned of by reading the newspaper, they open the cover letter by mentioning this.

The body of the cover letter consists of a summary of experience along with personal qualities the applicant feels makes her a top candidate.

The applicant in the sample clerical cover letter above starts off the final paragraph by reminding the employer of how her skills and experience could benefit the employer.

She then moves on to asking for a specific time to meet for an interview so that she can demonstrate her skills in person. This is a strong move that could put her ahead of the competition.

When a job is likely to merit a large number of replies, such as when it has been advertised in the newspaper, this can be a good way to stand out from the crowd.

Cover Letter Sample For Clerical Assistant

Bethany Rowden
32 Ridgemont St
San Diego, CA 55555

June 5, 2007

Personnel Manager
Ad Number 9253
San Diego Daily News
P.O. Box 56012
San Diego, CA 55555

Dear Personnel Manager:

In response to your advertisement in the San Diego Daily News for a Clerical Assistant, I am submitting my resume for your review.

For the past several years, I have worked in a professional office environment. I am skilled in all areas of office procedures, and am especially knowledgeable in word processing software usage. I am diligent and hard working, almost to a fault.

With a background such as this, I am sure that your organization would be able to use my skills to their utmost. However, a face-to-face interview would allow me to demonstrate to you my character in a more personal manner. When would be the most convenient time for us to meet in person?


Bethany Rowden

Enclosure: Resume

Clerical Cover Letter Tips

Many advertisements request cover letters and resumes to be mailed to the newspaper rather than directly to the employer.

That is the case in the sample clerical cover letter provided. Be sure to reference the ad in your cover letter.

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