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Sample Cruise Job Cover Letter Format Opens Doors To Job Interviews

Sample Cruise Job Cover Letter Format Opens Doors To Job Interviews

Cruise Job Cover Letter Samples – When applying for a position in the cruise industry it is important to make sure that you highlight your customer service related experience and responsibilities.

This is an important aspect regardless of which type of position you are applying for, as most cruise jobs are highly customer service oriented.

Keep in mind that skills communication and people skills are generally highly valued along with knowledge of the cruise industry.

The sample cruise job cover letter below highlights the applicant’s prior experience and abilities quite well.

Note that the above sample cruise job cover letter begins with a statement of the applicant’s accomplishments. This is sure to garner the interest of an employer.

The applicant then mentions how she learned of the position and next delves right into how her experience and skills can benefit the employer.

Cover Letter Sample For Cruise Jobs

Tiffany Smith
45 Iris Lane
Tampa, FL 55555

April 15, 2007

Mr. Aaron Winters
Personnel Manager
Celebrity Cruises
Fort Lauderdale, FL 55555

Dear Mr. Winters:

During the last three years of my career in the travel and hospitality industry, I have won three customer service awards. When I saw your advertisement for a cruise line customer service representative, I knew that I should write an introductory cover letter and let me interest in your cruise line be known.

As you know, cruise line customer service representatives are an important asset to the success of any cruise line. I believe that my prior experience in the travel and hospitality industry make me an ideal candidate to fill that role for your well known cruise line.

My goal would be to bring the same dedication and enthusiasm that I have demonstrated in prior positions to your cruise line by conscientiously handing such responsibilities as arranging for snacks and drinks, making arrangements for special services and generally ensuring each passenger’s voyage is a pleasant experience.

In addition, I have several innovative ideas for initiating new services and building clientele that I would like to discuss with you. I am available any morning and afternoon. Please call me at 555-555-1212 to arrange a meeting that would fit with your schedule in order to discuss how my experience and training can benefit your passengers.


Tiffany Smith

Enclosure: Resume

Cruise Job Cover Letter Tips

The cover letter should end by including an enticing statement. Think about innovative ideas which you could bring to the cruise line in order to build clientele and expand business.

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