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Sample Instructional Coordinator Resume Format Creates Avalanches Of Job Interviews

Sample Instructional Coordinator Resume Format Creates Avalanches Of Job Interviews

Instructional Coordinators Resume Sample – The chronological resume is the best type of resume to utilize when writing an instructional coordinator resume, as it focuses on experience and education.

This is important because requirements for entry into this field are often stringent in both areas.

The instructional coordinator resume template below utilizies a chronological resume format.

While instructional coordinators often specialize, in this case, the resume is written for an instructional technology coordinator.

The sample instructional coordinator resume above also allows sufficient room for additional information.

This information might include awards, notable accomplishments or presentations given by the job candidate.

Resume Sample For Instructional Coordinators

Mary Jane Hill
4256 Rocky Way Lane
Little Rock, AR 55555

To obtain a position as an Instructional Technology Coordinator

Professional Experience

Region 8 Service Center – June, 2001 to Present Little Rock, AR
Instructional Technology Coordinator

  • Responsible for developing curricula, selecting text books and other materials
  • Train teachers and assess educational programs for quality and adherence to regulations / standards
  • Evaluate school curriculum to meet student needs
  • Meet with members of educational committees and advisory groups
  • Develop questionnaires and interview school staff regarding curriculum
  • Recommend instruction and curriculum improvements
  • Review text books, software and educational materials
  • Develop effective ways to use technology in order to enhance student learning
  • Monitor introduction of new technology into the curriculum
  • Plan and provide onsite education / instruction for teachers and administration
  • Train teachers in the use of materials and equipment

J.E. Row Elementary – August, 1993 to 2001 Little Rock, AR
Technology Specialist for K-4 School.

  • Responsible for planning and implementation of technology standards.
  • Developed and taught inter disciplinary lessons.
  • Troubleshoot and coordinated repair of technology equipment.
  • Taught district sponsored classes.


  • B.A., Elementary Education – University of Arkansas
  • M.A., Instructional Technology – Nova South Eastern University

Instructional Co-Ordinator Resume Tips

Be aware that due to the fact that individuals in this field often do specialize, the specific type of position the candidate is interested in should be mentioned in the objective statement.

In this case the candidate specified instructional technology coordinator.

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