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Sample Miner Resume Format Creates Avalanches Of Job Interviews

Sample Miner Resume Format Creates Avalanches Of Job Interviews

Miners Resume Samples – When applying for a miner position it is important to focus on strong work experience.

A chronological or combination resume allows the candidate to do that.

The miner resume example below utilizes a combination resume format.

Note the applicant includes work experience information as well as data regarding skills.

This type of resume format also allows the applicant to include other relevant information as well.

An example of the kind of information you might include would be awards and recognitions. Also, anything to do with safety should be included.

Resume Sample For Miners

Michael Cabrera
2900 Rocky Mount Road
Tanner, West Virginia 55555

Miner II position


Safety Management

  • Proficient in the safe operation of conventional track mining equipment such as stopper, jackleg, mucking machines and slusher

Work Experience

Tanner Ore Company, Tanner, West Virginia
Miner I – June 1993 to Present

  • Mined ore, coal and rock in underground mine in areas where high production equipment was limited due to natural formations
  • Cut channel under working face to facilitate blasting, using pick and operating cutting machine
  • Operated mounted and unmounted power drill to bore blasting holes in working face
  • Shoveled shattered materials into mine cars and onto conveyor
  • Installed timbering, roof bolts and cribs to support walls and roof
  • Laid track to accommodate mine cars and track-mounted equipment

Geo Company, Burton, West Virginia
Miner II – 1986 to 1993

  • Drilled and blasted earth and rock excavations to construct underground shafts and tunnels for projects
  • Set up pneumatic drilling machinery and moved lever controlling drilling action to drill blast holes in tunnel heading according to specifications
  • Loaded fired powder charges to loosen earth and rock


  • Tanner High School

Miners Resume Tips

Additional training may also be included on this sample miner resume.

Any relevant safety training and certifications should always be mentioned and highlighted.

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