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Sample Quality Control Resume Format Creates Avalanches Of Job Interviews

Sample Quality Control Resume Format Creates Avalanches Of Job Interviews

Quality Control Resume Samples – The chronological resume is the best format to use when writing a resume for a quality control supervisor.

The quality control resume example below is written using this format, which highlights experience very well.

Only in cases where the applicant has held a large number of jobs in the recent past or when they do not have a lot of relevant experience would it be best to use a functional resume format.

A combination resume could also be used in either situation.

If the applicant is applying for a management of supervisory position he or she may also wish to include a highlights of qualifications section just after the objective statement.

This can help focus the prospective employer’s attention on the applicant’s strongest qualifications and skills.

Resume Sample For Quality Control Jobs

Justin Morton
3090 Candlestick Lane
Tulsa, OK 55555

Quality Control

Professional Experience

Tulsa Tailoring Company – Tulsa, OK
Quality Control Checker, 2001 to Present

  • Inspected garments such as men’s shirts during manufacturing operations to determine number of defects per worker and reasons for rejects by examiners.
  • Cut swatches from bolts of fabric to determine variations in dye lot shades.
  • Counted number of pattern parts and lays of cloth prior to cutting to ensure accuracy of cutting operation with minimum waste.
  • Counted number of stitches per inch during sewing operation to detect inconsistencies in sewing machine settings.
  • Tested strength of collar-stay fusion, using tensiometer.
  • Folded collars in half to detect unevenness of attachment.
  • Examined garment and parts for defects such as unfinished raw edges, broken buttons and hooks, uneven stripes and plaids, puckers in seams, loose threads and stitches and incorrect packaging assortment.
  • Recorded number and type of defects for each worker.
  • Returned rejected part or garment to department to be reworked.

Little Rock Plywood – Little Rock, AR
Quality Control, 1998 to 2001

  • Tested samples of wood products to determine fiber content and strength, using test equipment and standardized formulas.
  • Gathered samples such as particle board and wood shavings from production areas.
  • Weighed wood shavings before and after drying process and computed weight variances for cost analysis purposes, using scales, calculators and formulas.
  • Conducted pressure and strength tests on particleboard to determine quality control standards such as moisture content, strength and resistance.
  • Recorded test results on company charts.


  • Little Rock High School
  • Little Rock, AR

Quality Control Resume Tips

In the quality control resume template above the applicant has taken care to list the most important job duties and responsibilities first.

This can assist the employer in quickly gaining a sound idea of the applicant’s scope of experience and skill.

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