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Sample Security Guard Resume Format Creates Avalanches Of Job Interviews

Sample Security Guard Resume Format Creates Avalanches Of Job Interviews

Security Guard Resume Samples – The type of resume format that should be used when writing a security guard resume may well depend on the type of position for which you are applying.

Candidates with little experience and those who are just completing a training program may wish to use a functional resume format, which focuses on skills.

The security guard resume template below is written using a chronological resume format due to the extensive experience of the applicant.

A combination resume format would also be appropriate in either situation.

Note the applicant begins with a strong objective statement in the sample security guard resume above.

He also includes a series of qualifications at the top of his resume to provide him with a competitive edge.

Resume Sample For Security Guards

Jacob Smith
3904 Winding Way
Trenton, NJ 55555

Security guard position with an established company.


  • Over 5 years of professional experience in guarding and security work.
  • Developed reputation for quality work and received numerous referrals.
  • Proficient in operating security systems including CCTVs, two-way radios, two-way / convex wall mirrors.


Vanderbilt Equipment Company – Pittsburgh, PA
Security Guard, May 2004 to Present

  • Guarded industrial and commercial properties against fire, theft, vandalism and illegal entries.
  • Patrolled, periodically, buildings and grounds of industrial plant and commercial establishment, docks and work sites.
  • Examined doors, windows and gates to ensure that they were secure.
  • Warned violators of rule infractions, such as loitering, smoking and carrying forbidden articles.
  • Apprehended violators.
  • Inspected equipment and machinery to ascertain if tampering had occurred.

Cisco Manufacturing Plant – Trenton, NJ
Night Security Guard, 2002 to 2004

  • Watched for and reported irregularities, such as fire hazards, leaking water pipes and security doors left unlocked.
  • Sounded alarm and called police and fire department by telephone in case of fire and presence of unauthorized persons.
  • Registered at watch stations to record time of inspection trips.
  • Recorded data, such as property damage, unusual occurrences and the malfunctioning of machinery and equipment.
  • Performed janitorial duties and set thermostatic controls to maintain specified temperature in buildings and cold storage rooms.
  • Deputized to arrest trespassers.
  • Regulated vehicle and pedestrian traffic at plant entrance to maintain orderly flow.
  • Patrolled site with guard dog on leash.
  • Watched for fires

White Plains Mall – Trenton, NJ
Night Security Guard, 2000 to 2002

  • Observed departing personnel to guard against the theft of company property.
  • Permitted authorized persons to enter property.
  • Awarded Certificate of Achievement (8/2002) for identifying and reporting internal theft, saving the company tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Apprehended numerous shop lifters by using surveillance systems and recognizing suspicious behavior.


  • Trenton Community College
  • Associate of Arts – Criminal Justice

Special Training:

  • Report Writing
  • Risk Analysis
  • CPR, First Aid
  • Fire Protection
  • Arrest Procedures
  • Crime Prevention
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Public Relations
  • Crisis Intervention

Security Guard Resume Tips

Keep in mind it is always a good idea to include special training information when applying for any type of position in the security industry.

In this case the applicant has specified special training as well as degree information.

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