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Travel Jobs – Travel Industry Careers In Business, Tourism And Leisure

Travel Jobs – Travel Industry Careers In Business, Tourism And Leisure

Industry Outlook for Travel Jobs – Throughout the next decade employment prospects in the field of travel ( travel jobs ) are expected to decline from previous highs.

This is mostly thought to be due to a decline in both business and leisure travel following the terrorist attacks in 2001.

The implementation of the Internet in the field of travel has also changed the face of the way people plan and reserve their travel arrangements.

Due to the high degree of involvement with the public, persons employed in the travel industry should have good people skills and be able to promote ideas with enthusiasm. They should also be flexible.

Earnings for the travel industry vary, depending on the specific role an employee fills. Managers are often paid by salary while agents may be paid either by commission only or salary plus commission. Clerks and receptionists are generally paid by the hour.

Employment in the travel industry provides many benefits, including free or discounted travel and the opportunity to learn about exciting and far away locales.

Persons employed in the travel industry may be required to work weekends and evenings as well as overtime. Peak seasons for certain locations as well as holidays and summer months tend to be very high pressure times for travel related occupations.

Employment Prospects for Travel Jobs

The position of travel agent is most frequently association with the travel industry, however there are numerous other jobs found within this field. Reservation agents and ticket agents are just a couple of the many other careers found in the field of travel occupations.

Some travel agents prefer to specialize and may focus their travel planning for others on a specific location or region. About 10% of all travel agents are self-employed. The remainder of other travel agents is employed by professional travel agencies.

Reservation and ticket agents are commonly employed by hotel chains as well as cruise lines, airlines and travel clubs.

Job Search for Travel Jobs

Open positions in the field of travel are commonly posted on industry posting boards as well as classified newspaper advertisements. Employment positions that are specifically related to cruise lines and airlines may be a little more difficult for the job seeker to locate.

These types of positions are not generally openly advertised. Many times such companies utilize the services of a professional employment or recruitment agency to locate qualified candidates.

Cover Letters for Travel Jobs

Regardless of the type of position for which a job seeker is applying, the chronological resume works best for travel related jobs. This type of resume allows the job candidate to focus on experience, education and training; key components which will allow the successful candidate to push past the competition.

Resumes for Travel Jobs

A chronological resume works best when applying for positions within the travel industry. Although formal education is not required for entry level travel positions, as competition grows fiercer, successful candidates will need to demonstrate qualities and experience that outshine their competitors. The chronological resume allows the candidate to focus on a strong work history, complimentary skills and advanced training.

Training & Qualifications for Travel Jobs

A college degree is not required to become a travel agent, however courses in business, accounting, and computer literacy are considered beneficial. Due to the fact that job openings in this field are declining, it is expected that competition will not only remain strong but increase significantly. Therefore, it can be very beneficial for persons looking to locate employment in the field of travel and tourism to obtain related training.

Travel Career

While not common, travel related training is offered through community colleges as well as through the American Society of Travel Agents. A very small number of four year colleges also offer Bachelor degree programs in travel and tourism.

There is room for advancement within the field of travel.

Many individuals, with no prior training or experience start out as clerks and are able to move up to agent positions as they accrue industry knowledge and experience. The same is also true for management positions.

Good luck in your search for travel jobs!

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