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Warehousing Jobs – Careers in Storage, Material Handling And Distribution

Warehousing Jobs – Careers in Storage, Material Handling And Distribution

Industry Outlook for Warehousing Jobs – Occupations in the warehousing industry are expected to be better than average throughout the next few years.

In fact, warehousing jobs; combined with transportation is expected to be one of the fastest growing emerging occupations into the next decade. This is particularly true for large states such as California and Texas.

A large number of openings are anticipated to occur due to the high turnover rate of the warehousing industry. This seems to occur because the industry does not require extensive training and the wages tend to be lower; particularly for those involved in manual warehousing labor.

Various jobs are performed in the warehousing industry. Some individuals move crates and packages of materials from one location to another or around the warehousing facility using a forklift.

Other employees are responsible for inspecting the materials as they come into and leave the facility. The persons who manually pack and wrap materials for shipment to other sites are known as hand packers or packagers.

Most individuals in the warehousing industry work an average 40 hour work week; with little overtime needed.

While the workweek is fairly standard, the warehousing industry is particularly susceptible to shift work; meaning that an employee may come in during the late evening and not end his or her shift until early the next morning.

Warehousing employees may be required to work outside in inclimate weather and at great heights. Individuals employed in the warehousing industry, particularly those who perform manual labor, should be able to be on their feet for long periods of time and lift heavy objects.

Employment Prospects for Warehousing Jobs

Employment in the field of warehousing can be found in a variety of places, including grocery Stores, particularly bulk distribution sites; chemical factories, construction related industries and other factories or companies that produce; process or ship any manner of products. Employers involved in warehousing are typically located in more metropolitan areas.

Job Search for Warehousing Jobs

Job prospects for the field of warehousing can be found in a number of ways. This particular industry tends to advertise job openings frequently in the classifieds section of newspapers. Some employers may use the services of a professional employment agency. Word of mouth, or networking, has also traditionally been used to fill warehousing openings.

Cover Letters for Warehousing Jobs

The cover letter used by a candidate seeking work in the warehousing industry should focus on the candidate’s commitment to safety, efficiency and handling products with care. Any special training, such as forklift operation and certification, should be highlighted within the cover letter.

Resumes for Warehousing Jobs

Due to the fact that the warehousing industry is particularly focused on skills, rather than education or work experience, the functional resume lends itself well to this occupation. The warehousing industry tends to experience high turnover, so it is quite common for individuals applying in this field to have sporadic work history.

The functional resume helps to cover what may appear to be ‘job hopping’ and to focus on the skills on the applicant, instead.

Training & Qualifications for Warehousing Jobs

Warehousing occupations generally do not require a college degree, unless the job involves management. For the most part, employers only require a high school diploma or general equivalency diploma.

Certain occupations, such as forklift operator, may need training and a special certification in order to learn how to safely and efficiently operate this piece of equipment.

Careers In Warehousing

Due to the physical demands of the job, some employers may require candidates to successfully pass a physical exam before beginning work.

If the employee is to be working in a government facility, or a facility that performs contract work for the federal government; they may be required to pass a background check and obtain a security clearance.

Individuals who perform well and demonstrate effective leadership abilities may find room for advancement in management positions.

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